Yes! As all of us knows that WhatsApp is coming with a Free Calling Feature, It showed a Glimpse on the Android Lollipop Devices and many of them also came up with APKs which enabled Calling Feature on WhatsApp. However, using those methods all the users got the calling feature enabled, but they were not able to make calls on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp CAlling feature

Users reported that after updating to the latest app or downloading the WhatsApp Mods they are seeing a Calling Tab in WhatsApp, but they aren’t able to make calls. So finally here comes a way which would enable you to enable WhatsApp Calls without getting an invite that too on any Android version. Yes! So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin with the steps to enable whatsapp calling without invite on any android version.

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How to Enable WhatsApp Calling Feature without Invite?

So now when you are here I know that you are curious to get the working calling feature on WhatsApp, but before beginning there are somethings which are required for you to get WhatsApp calling feature so that, you can make “Free calls over WhatsApp” to your friends that too without waiting for an invite. The special thing about this is, it will work on any Android Device irrespective of the OS Version be it KitKat or Lollipop or even Jelly Bean.

Things Required :

  • Latest WhatsApp version Installed.
  • Rooted Android Phone.
  • Root Powered File Explorer (ES Explorer)

Step 1 : Open File Explorer (ES Explorer)

ENable root explorer in ES Explorer FIle Manager

There are various root powered File Explorers, however, I would recommend you to use ES Explorer because it is easy to use and can works at a charm. So open the “ES File Explorer” and swipe from the left side it would open the Fast Access menu and there you will find Root Explorer option, enable that and allow root access. You can see the Pics, in case you are confused with the steps.

Step 2 : Navigate to the Below Directory and Edit the WhatsApp_Preferences.xml file.

Now Navigate to the Following Directory : /data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/com.whatsapp_preferences.xml

Enable WhatsApp Calling Feature without Invite

In case you are not able to open the directory directly then follow the sequence of opening the folders as shown in the below images and in the last folder you will find 3 files out of which you will have to modify the com.whatsapp_preferences.xml file which is shown in the step 3.

Step 3 : Edit the WhatsApp_Preferences.xml File and Force Stop WhatsApp.

Once you find the com.whatsapp_preferences.xml file, what you have to do is edit the file using ES Explorer Editor and then copy the below code anywhere between <map> </map>

ENable whatsapp calling on any android version

<boolean name =”call” value=”true”/>
<string name=”call_allowed”>all</string>

After copying the above code go save the file and close it. Now force stop “WhatsApp” by opening the App Manager and Force Stopping it. After forcefully stopping it, Open WhatsApp, You’ll be shocked, Yes! You’ll be able to see the Call Feature in your WhatsApp, Not only the call feature but you will also be able to make calls without getting an invite to enable WhatsApp Calling.

Whatsapp Calling Enabled


That’s all folks! You are now allowed to make calls to any of your friend who has the WhatsApp Calling Feature, Try it and enable calling before WhatsApp Disables it like, it disabled the other methods.

WhatsApp Calling Feature is Official Now : Go Get WhatsApp Call Feature and Invite Here

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