If you’re looking to learn how to download SoundCloud songs, you’re in luck.  SoundCloud is a platform which enables users to listen to songs they like, user can also make some playlists and save for listening to them, It also has an Android App which enables an Android User to listen to any Song on SoundCloud. SoundCloud does allow people to download the freely available songs but restricts people from Downloading the Paid Songs on it. So in this post I would share a trick with people out here to Download any Song from SoundCloud using an Android App.

Well, yes, you will require an Android App to learn how to Download SoundCloud songs, Because there is a hidden mechanism which enables people to download the song they play on SoundCloud. Suppose you have a your Favorite song and you play the same song on the SoundCloud Android App, once you play it, the SoundCloud App will store the data somewhere in your Android (Shared Below in the Post) and use that data when you play the song for the next time. But what if you want the songs in the music player? How do you get them saved Permanently and play them even when you don’t have SoundCloud App?

Things Required

To figure out how to download SoundCloud songs, you will require these basic things to download any song from SoundCloud Android App. Without any of the below listed things downloading using this method won’t work and since this trick only works on Android Phones and not on any other SoundCloud App, nor the website itself. You will require :

Once you find that you have all the above listed things you can start with steps to download the Paid/Free songs on SoundCloud, in short any song listed on SoundCloud. You would have come across many SoundCloud Downloaders but none enables you to download the songs! But this will surely help you out how to download SoundCloud songs.

Step 1 : Log in to your SoundCloud Account using the SoundCloud App.

Download Songs in SoundCloud (12)The SoundCloud App requires you to login to get access to the songs, You can login using your Existing SoundCloud Account or Sign up for a new one. For people who wish to download songs from SoundCloud would already have an account on SoundCloud so, Sign in to your SoundCloud Account to finally learn how to download SoundCloud songs.

Step 2 : Play Songs which are to be Downloaded.

SoundCloud Download SongsOnce you sign-in/log in to SoundCloud you will come across the recent songs you streamed, and to begin with Downloading the Songs, you can start playing the songs you would like to Download. For an instance, You wish to download a song existing in your stream list, Just hit that song and let it Play. This way “Play all” the songs you would like to Download, getting you one step closer to learning how to download soundcloud songs.

Step 3 : Use ES Explorer to Convert the Songs.

You might be having question? that I already said that the songs will get downloaded in the Step 2, yes, actually it’s downloaded in your Phone but it’s in Different Format. So using the ES File Explorer we can convert the songs into .mp3 format. The mechanism is, when you play any song on SoundCloud it Downloads the song, but in a different storage extension.  Step 3 helps you get closer to learning how to download SoundCloud songs.

To Convert the Format, we first need the Song File also, But where will you Find it? Don’t worry, Just follow as stated below :

  • Open ES File Explorer → Phone Storage
  • Navigate to Phone Storage → Android → Data → “com.soundcloud.android”
  • Open the Folder “com.soundcloud.android
  • Navigate to Files → Stream → Complete.

Download Songs in SoundCloud - DownloadedHere you will find some Files which would be having some weird names and would be of an unknown format. Now you’ve found the Songs without wasting a minute lets convert the song into mp3 so that it can be used for future purpose also.


Convert the Songs into mp3 Format.

Now that you have learned how to download SoundCloud songs, Conversion of the songs can be done in different ways, You can either rename a song one by one, by its name but if you are lazy like me, then you can follow the conversion of all songs at a time method. I’ll be sharing both the ways though!

Converting One song at a time

Download Favorite songs from SoundCloud

If you are going to convert single song at a time, then you will have to play the song, click on the song and open as song, listen to the song and keep pressing the song for long time and you will see a rename option at the bottom, Click on Rename and then Enter the name of the song and just add .mp3 behind the name. For an instance : the name of the song is “Zaroorat” then rename it into “Zaroorat.mp3

Converting all songs together

Download Sound Cloud Song and Convert it into mp3

Now that we know how to download SoundCloud songs, this method would lot of your time, but at the same time it would also cause complexities in finding the song later, so if you can remember the sequence of the song names you would set, then you can go with this method and if you are having a very large song list, to save time you can follow this. So to convert follow the below instructions :

  • Select all the Files.
  • Click on Rename Button at the Bottom.
  • Enter the name. (This name will be same for all the songs)
  • Enter the start number (This number will differentiate between the songs with same name, so the number entered will be starting number.
  • Enter the Format (Make it .mp3)

You’ve successfully Downloaded Songs from SoundCloud and Converted it too, Now the last step to be done!

Step 4 : Move/Copy the Files from that Folder to Some another folder.

Since we already know how to download SoundCloud songs, Moving/Copying would not be required but sometimes when you clear app data these data would get deleted and you will not be able to find these songs again, so it will cause Loss of Data/loss of Downloaded Songs and Loss of Time as well, so move/copy the song to some other folder, You can move anywhere in the Phone excluding the Android Folder Directory!

That’s it! Yes! Enjoy Listening to Songs, Meanwhile you can share the Post with your Friends who need to Download SoundCloud Songs.

Note : Droidmen nor Author would be responsible for any issues caused because of following this post, It’s just to enable to people see How soundcloud works.

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