[dropcap]G[/dropcap]oogle Maps is the best thing that has happen to the people on the earth, especially to the one’s who travel a lot, with Google maps moving in a new city or travelling to an unknown place is no more difficult. There used to be days when people waited for someone else’s guidance to reach their destination.

Saving the Offline Area on Google Maps Offline{adinserter 3}The only limitation of the Google maps is, it consumes lot of Internet data and network problems. Network connectivity problems while travelling can cause a lot of issues like not getting upgraded depending on the location, thus increasing travel time and cost of travel.

To all the people who are dependent on Google maps, this article will save a lot of time of yours while travelling, because in this article, I’ll explain you “How to use Google maps GPS offline”.

How is Google Maps offline different from Nokia HERE maps?

Offline navigation and availability of maps offline has been a feature of Nokia HERE maps, however it is a bit different from the Google Maps offline maps. [pullquote]Google Maps Vs Here Maps Comparison based on old features! [/pullquote]Google’s offline maps availability allows you to download the map of the area which you want to access, and not the map of the entire area. This makes the Google maps a bit different from the Nokia HERE maps.

How to save maps on Google Maps offline?

Well accessing Google maps offline is not a very difficult task, but many people don’t know “How to save the Google Maps offline”. The below image demonstrates how you are supposed to “Download the Google Maps offline”.

Steps to Download Google Maps Offline

To save the Google maps for offline access, follow the below listed steps.

  • Start the Google Maps Android App.
  • Search for the “Location” of which you want an offline Google map.
  • The search results will appear, click on the location name which appears on the search.
  • Now click on “Three-dot icon” which appears on the top right hand corner of your phone.
  • Click on “Download offline area“.
  • Zoom in or Zoom out to the area which you want to download for offline access of maps.

That’s it you’ve downloaded the “Offline Google Map” and you can access the area without Mobile Data. To access the “Offline Google Maps” bring out the menu drawer i.e. “Left side, Three lines on the left hand corner and click on “Your places” and scroll down and you will be able to see the offline areas which you’ve downloaded, click on the area you want to see and access that area without having an Internet connection.

How to use offline Navigation Feature without Internet connection?

For the time being Google maps doesn’t allow people to use the offline navigation feature on Google maps. There are many other apps which help you in “Offline navigation”. Nokia HERE maps are really good, but you will have to download the offline maps to access them. There are many other apps which help you with the same!

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