WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that let’s you chat with anyone across the globe provided you have their phone numbers. Whatsapp previously came up with a concept of Blue ticks. Before the blue tick, one was just able to check whether the messages got delivered, but wasn’t able to know whether the recipient has actually read the message or not.


With Blue tick one can ensure that the message sent was read by the recipient. After the launch of the WhatsApp Blue ticks, the messaging app started banning the users who were using the mods like WhatsApp+ and OG WhatsApp.

WhatsApp messages get’s a single tick when you have successfully sent the message. The Double Tick ensures that the message has entered the person’s phone whom you are messaging. Meanwhile, the Blue Tick ensures the receiver has read/seen the message. Here we teach you How to disable Double Tick and Blue Tick in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus is another app quite similar to WhatsApp but with a lot of added features. It is a third party app. WhatsApp has banned WhatsApp Plus on the grounds of violating it’s terms and conditions. In this guide, we will be sharing with you a method which will enable you to disable blue ticks and single tick on WhatsApp.

How to disable Blue Tick of a particular conversation?

It’s not possible to hide the Second Tick & Blue Tick in the official WhatsApp app. The following process works on WhatsApp Plus only. If you want to disable the Blue Tick for a particular conversation, you need to press and hold on the chat. A pop-up appears with a set of option. Select Mark as Unread and the Blue Tick is disabled.

How to disable Double Tick and Blue Tick?

  • Make sure you have had the original WhatsApp (latest version) installed in the phone from before.
  • Now uninstall the app. Remember to take a backup of all the chats you want to.
  • Now download the WhatsApp Plus Version 6.47. You will not find it in the Play Store as it’s the unofficial version.
  • Install the app and do the usual verification and initial steps of installing the app.
  • On the top right corner are three square dots arranged vertically. Click on that. You get a drop down menu. Select Hide Second Ticks or Hide Blue Ticks or both. This action will be taken for all chats in your chat list.
  • You may also Hide Online Status if you want.
  •  To revert the process, click on the icon on the Top-Right corner and de-select the options.

Hope this tutorial has helped you to get rid of the Second Ticks and Blue Ticks. Tell us your experience in the comments below. Now what are you waiting for? Know a friend who badly needs this trick? What about sharing this with him, share the article and tag him on any of the social networks and help him/her out!

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