Starting to work in the field of e-commerce, it is worthwhile to understand that you will have to do a lot of work in the field of creating the visual appeal of goods. You can sell quality products and have attractive prices but if your product does not look convincing visually in the illustrations, then you may not be successful.

Today we are going to show you how to create an attractive product image without the help of professionals. To do this, you need a smartphone with a good camera, natural lighting, and proper product placement.

Tips To Create A Good Product Image

Favorable Position Of The Goods

Favorable position of the goods

First, you need to understand that for the buyer to be able to view the product from all sides, you need to create several illustrations that would focus on details from different angles. The title illustration should show the most advantageous angle.

If you are photographing shoes, then they need to be photographed from all sides so that the person can understand how they will look on their feet.

Scaling Details

Each product category has a set of details that will interest customers. If these are bags, then it is important to show the appearance, as well as the internal location of pockets and sections.

Details are important. With the help of photographs, each potential buyer can be convinced of the reliability and quality. Moreover, a person will want to make sure that every detail is done accurately.

Product Is The Center Of Attention

When taking product images, companies often want to stand out with their custom photographs. They create a rich background and make up the composition. This may not always work well if you are not a professional. By creating such illustrations, you run the risk of diverting the attention of your customers from the product to the surrounding objects.

If you are not sure that the background will be successful, then when post-processing the image, you can remove the unnecessary background. Click here to check the perfect tool for background removal.

Lighting Selection

A good phone camera isn’t always going to help you get the right lighting for your photo. This needs to be taken care of at the stage of organizing a photo session.

Pay attention to where you are going to take pictures. Make sure that if you do not have lighting fixtures so that there is enough natural light in the room. If you don’t take care of this, then at the stage of processing in the editor, you will find that your illustrations turn out to be unnatural, which will discourage potential customers from buying.

Selection Of Colors

Selection of colors

If you are still going to create a composition for photographing products, then you should take into account the colors of the objects that will be in the photo. Foreign objects should not be too bright so that the focus of buyers does not shift from the main product.

Foreign objects should be of neutral tones or consistent with the product. Feel free to experiment and create different compositions. Ask your colleagues to take a look at your idea and give their opinion.

Illustration Of Several Items For Sale

In one photo, you can use several products you are selling at once. For example, if you sell sports shoes, you can photograph a stylish pair of socks along with a pair of shoes.

This concept will help you immediately implement one of your marketing strategies – cross-selling. You can kill two birds with one stone at once by creating a fashionable image.

Quality Checking

After the photo session, you need to view all the resulting photos. It can be difficult to find some of the little things right off the bat that can do a disservice to your sales. However, on a large monitor, you can find small scratches, uneven seams, protruding threads – everything that will immediately convince the buyer that the product is of poor quality.

Post-Processing Images

Post-processing images

With the help of photo editors, you can bring your illustrations to perfection. On the Internet, you will find many free editing programs where you can adjust brightness, saturation, remove shadows, and more.

Editing a product image is not sharing personal photos on Instagram. Try not to make the images too saturated, as when buying your products, customers may notice that the real color is not the same as in the picture and refuse it.


Selling photos may not have to be done by a professional. This is especially true for start-up e-commerce businesses that are not ready to increase their expenses. With these simple techniques, you can create eye-catching illustrations.

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