Want to keep an eye on your home but don’t want to install big security cameras? Don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for you. If you really want to avoid security cameras then a spy camera is the best choice for you. Read on to know more about spy cameras.

How To Choose The Best Spy Camera

Nowadays hidden cams come in every shape and size. Some may look like a small security camera while others look like everyday objects like clocks, phone chargers, or other household accessories. This allows them to blend in plain sight pretty easily. They also come with different sets of features like motion detection and wi-fi connectivity. Now let’s take a look at some points that you should keep in mind when choosing a hidden camera for your house.

Make sure the camera blends with the surroundings

Make sure the camera blends with the surroundings

As I have mentioned earlier, hidden cameras now come in shapes like everyday objects. So, you can choose a camera of any shape you want. Just make sure that the camera you are choosing blends properly with its surroundings and stays discreet (that’s our main goal right?).

Consider the features that the camera is offering

We live in such an era of technology where every company is trying to create something new every day. Hidden cameras are not out of this list too. They are getting upgraded with new features and functions motion detection, night vision, wifi connectivity, and ultra-long battery life. So, before buying a camera learn about its features. Or you can search for a camera that has the particular feature you need.

Shooting modes and video quality

Hidden cameras offer different shooting modes and video qualities. Generally, the cheaper one doesn’t support good quality video capturing like 720P or 1080P. Some expensive hidden cameras can even shoot videos at 4K resolution!  So, choose a camera that supports the video quality you need.

Keep an eye on the battery life

Battery life is important for hidden cameras. Though most of the reputed cameras now come with good battery life, there are still some cheap ones and ripoffs that deliver a terrible battery life. These ripoffs may promise a good deal on the paper but they are awful in reality. Be aware of them.

Unusual spy cameras

The main purpose of a Spy/hidden camera is to be discreet. For that, companies manufacture cameras that are very unusual in shape. Here are some of the most unusual spy cameras that are available in the market. Let’s take a look at them.

Wi-Fi AC Adapter

Wi-Fi AC Adapter is such a thing that nobody really pays attention to. This camera is sneaky and really hard to spot. For this reason, this camera is very popular with its users.

Smoke Detector

Another cool addition to the unusual spy camera list the smoke detector camera. It sits on the ceiling and records everything without people noticing it. I mean who would think that there’s a camera in the smoke detector right?

USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

This one can be called the champion of unusual hidden cameras. It is portable and looks exactly like an ordinary USB flash drive. This piece is best for sting operations for its portability and appearance. Nobody will doubt that you have a spy camera inside your USB Flash drive.

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