Solar panels are seeing an emergence in popularity. Now that prices are so low, homeowners and power companies are investing in new power generation to use green energy and improve the grid.

Solar panels are also among the most popular forms of green energy. Reports show solar makes up 46% of all new electricity generation.

If you’re on the hunt for solar energy companies near me, this post will help. Below are a few things to look for when searching for a solar installer.

Things to Look for When Searching For A Solar Installer

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Look for a Local Company

Finding a local provider is usually the best choice whenever you look for a contracting company for home improvement work. Depending on where you live, you probably have building regulations to follow. A company from out of the area may not understand what those are.

While someone out of the area may be able to learn the rules, it will take some time to do so. You won’t have that problem when you work with someone local.

Stick with local searches whenever you look for a solar installer. They should have a local presence and a history of successful jobs in the area.

Learn About Pricing

It’s essential to understand how pricing works with solar systems. Not every installation is the same. Your price will depend on the cost of labor, your energy needs, and how much sun your home gets.

Here are some factors that factor into the price you’ll pay:

  • Current energy consumption
  • Desired solar output
  • Roof size
  • Roof condition
  • Type of solar panels

Tell your solar installers your needs and have them give you a quote. This should give you a good idea about the price and enough data to make a price comparison. Check here to learn more about solar pricing.

Learn About Solar Certification


The solar industry is booming, so many people are trying to get in on the action. Unfortunately, some of those people may not want to go through the long route of getting certifications that qualify them for the job.

On top of that, they don’t know the local rules and will cut corners to try and get more jobs done. You can’t afford this to happen if you want a working solar installation.

Learn about the solar certifications available and what certifications a local company needs. Make sure the company you hire has these certifications.

Look at Warranty Standards

The one thing you shouldn’t do when buying something as expensive as a solar installation is to do so without a warranty. Things will be fine most of the time. However, there are rare situations when things don’t go as planned.

You don’t want to be without protection when this happens. Without a warranty, there’s no guarantee that a company will stand by its work and take care of any pressing issues.

Look at the common solar warranties online to see industry standards. From there, you can compare the standards with the warranties offered by the local companies to see which ones guarantee results.

Learn About Subcontractors

Some home improvement companies don’t employ the workers they use to handle the job. They use subcontractors instead and pay them a flat fee or hourly rate.

There’s nothing wrong with doing this in practice. But you should be aware of it before hiring a company.

You also want to learn about the qualifications of any subcontractors a solar installation company uses. They should be held to the same standard as the company you hire for the job.

If a company doesn’t want to give you this information, look elsewhere for service.

Consider Financing Options

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Solar panels are a significant investment even with the tax credits available. You’re going to spend thousands of dollars and not break even until several years.

However, there are financing options available today that make the purchase more affordable. You don’t even have to go through regular lenders. Many solar installers now offer financing options themselves.

If you want to finance your solar panel installation, see if your local installers have financing available. Compare their rates with traditional lenders to see who offers the best deal.

Look for Insurance Coverage

In many locations, solar installation companies are required by law to carry insurance for their workers. That’s because accidents can happen on the job, even if you’re an experienced worker.

You don’t want to be on the other side of a compensation settlement when workers are on your roof without insurance.

Ask for proof of insurance before letting any workers work in your home. This will ensure everyone has coverage, and you won’t have any unexpected accident expenses.

Read Solar Reviews

Solar Installer

One factor you must consider when picking a solar company is what other people say. There are countless places online for people to leave reviews. Use those to your advantage to learn all you can about the positives and negatives of an installer.

The best place to start your search is Google. You can bring up a list of all the local installers and see reviews next to the listings.

You can also browse the search results to find local directory listings and read more reviews there. If you want a website that focuses on complaints, research each company on the BBB website.

Solar Energy Companies Near Me: Pick an Installer Today

Installing a solar system isn’t a decision you should take lightly. You’re spending a lot of money in the hopes that you’ll contribute to a greener society and save money on your energy bills. But if the solar company you hire doesn’t do the job right, you won’t be able to take advantage of solar.

The good news is that there are things you can look for when looking for solar energy companies near me that will help you find great installers. Don’t forget the guide above when you choose a solar installer.

If you found this post about installing solar panels helpful, head back to the blog to find more posts that will help you make improvements to your home.

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