Android app data refers to the data which the app stores in different formats, so that next time when the user opens the app, they get all of the things they did last time they opened the app. These files can be anything from user login details to some files which the app may require while running.

For an example: Messages on WhatsApp are also stored in the internal storage in an encrypted form and next time when the user opens WhatsApp, it fetches the data from the storage and displays all the previous conversations the user had.

Backup and Restore android data to pc{adinserter 3}Switching of the phones is a common thing these days, we see new phone launches every other day. With the shift in the trend from “low-end” to “high-end” phones. While shifting from one smartphone to another we loose all apps and the data associated with them.

If your phone is rooted, then it’s like icing on the cake. You get a range of apps through which backup of your precious data can be done. The two methods that has been discussed is applicable for rooted as well as non-rooted phones.

How to Backup Android Phone Data to Google Cloud.

Backing up data on Google Cloud is as easy as pie! All you need to do is follow some simple steps listed below. Google has also been really nice in adding the option of ‘Auto-sync’ where all the data, contacts and even Wi-Fi passwords will be backed up without much effort.

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts & Sync
  2. Click on Google Account and select Auto-Sync. Now select the Gmail ID that you used to sign-in Google from your phone. All data, Wi-Fi passwords, contacts will be saved in your Google Account.
    There is also another option of automatic restoring data when apps are reinstalled. You can select that as well to keep all your data’s intact.
  3. Now go to the Backup and Reset option. Backup data.

That’s it, you are done! If you want, you can check your contacts in the Google Account or try logging in from some other phone. You will notice that the moment you log in, all data gets automatically imported to the new phone. But its not the case that you always have a good and stable internet connection with you. So for the people who don’t prefer pushing their data to Google servers, let’s learn how to learn backing your data on PC

How to Backup Android Phone data on your PC.

Backing up data in Google Server is easy. But there can be problems. We don’t always get a decent net connection to back up the data. Due to which, while changing your phone you tend to loose data.

There can also be times when due to poor net connections, you cannot import all data from your old phone to new phone. What do yo do? That’s why it’s advised to keep your phone data backed up in your PC as well.

You need to down load an app. It the Super Backup : SMS and Contacts on your mobile. When you download it you can see that you have options to backup – apps, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendar. Start the app and backup the apps and other data you want while you shift to a new phone.

Now connect your Android phone to your computer system and you will see many folders in the Internal storage. Select all the folders if you want all the data, but this might use lot of resources and you are required not to do anything while transferring the data to your PC.

Now connect your New phone to the PC and copy all the folders which you “Copied from your old phone to your PC” and transfer it to the Internal storage of the new device. Restore the Apps, SMS and Contacts from the backup you took using the SMS and Contacts backup app and kudos you’ve successfully restored the data of old phone to your new phone without losing a bit.

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