You have finally started your business and expected to shake hands with Bill Gates in a year or two, but, occasionally, find yourself realizing that something is wrong. Clients or their absence is probably the first fear for small business owners. Advertising is an expensive things and if you don’t have budgets like Coca-Cola or Toyota, it may seem that you can do nothing with it. However, there are lots of advertisement platforms that can help you absolutely for free. has prepared a list of 14 working methods that are easy for implementation – read till the end to learn a lot of useful information.

Register in electronic catalogues

Time of yellow pages seems to have gone, but, in fact, such publications are in electronic format nowadays. 

Create your website

It may sound strange, but a lot of small companies unfortunately don’t have it. Having physical shop is good, but clients may wish to learn about you when working day is finished or at a day-off. Don’t deprive them of such opportunity, otherwise they will be snatched by your competitors. You can look on the internet for so many websites and get an idea about yours, Like Everprogloves.

Let people repost your articles on social media

Simple button will help people to tell their friends and relatives that they have found something interesting. The more social networks are covered for this option – the better for you.

Send emails

You certainly send tons of letters daily, why not to make them earn you some money? When you have some database of clients, you can communicate with them via letters: inform them about sales, new arrivals, quizzes and so on.

Join Instagram

This network will suit to work on visual perception. Advertising is possible, but photos (exact purpose of the platform) and videos, stories are highly effective here. Make publications about your daily working routine, may be some backstage images of your workers. Don’t forget about hashtags.

Facebook, Twitter and all the rest

Social networks can be not so effective on selling, but giving feedback of your product and company. Here you can talk to your clients, respond their complaints, answer questions and get general moods to make corrections in your work if necessary.

For example, you sell expensive shoes and bags. There is a sea of fashion communities on Facebook – ask them to be mentioned in their community as their partner. There is a chance that you will have to do something for them in return.

Participate in discussions

The same, if we started talking about social media, there are groups with the niche related to your one. They discuss something, ask and collect opinions. Provide them with it. People will come to you by themselves if the ideas you offer are useful and interesting.

Study opportunities for small business from search engines

For instance, Google My Business shows people nearest cafes, shops, museums and other organizations required. All you need is to give your address, contact information, working hours and a photo of your shops. Track opportunities from search systems popular in your country.

Encourage users’ content

As a variant, you can launch a quiz to make video about your product use: how it helped your clients and publish the materials you get weekly. Run opinion poll for the audience to choose the best one by themselves.

Film useful videos

People love instructive how-to or DIY videos. You can help people to see how to use your product or share some useful information from related niches.

Conduct webinars

It is a wonderful opportunity for your audience to get acquainted with you and get answers to the most important questions for them. The same as videos, information you offer should be interesting and relevant, for people to feel result from the time they have invested in you. You will have even more hype if can attend experts from the field.

Give professional aid on forums

There are thousands places where people tend to understand how something is made or functions. Your task is to provide users with related data. In case of good advice, your company name in profile and link in the signature will be the best option.

Attend offline local events

It can be opening of a festival or participation in a jury of beauty contest – your task is to be mentioned. Take some advertising materials to this meeting, leaflets, discounts coupons about the company for people to have some recollection about you. It will be also good if you have opportunity to make a nice short speech at the event.

Have you tried any of the methods we have mentioned? Or, maybe, you have your own ways how to advertise for no cost? Share with us your questions and experience in comments.

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