The CBD industry is in a constant state of transience. A leading reason for this is that it is only in recent years that CBD has become a mainstream health and wellness product. Previously CBD and other hemp products were viewed as being rather a niche idea and not always the most accessible products to find.

Another huge reason for a lot of the changes that have taken place within the CBD industry recently is the result of technology and the increasingly important role it is playing within the world of CBD.

For example, the range of CBD pills for sale has grown tremendously, and a big part of this is due to technology and how it is changing the CBD industry. Technology has changed how products are grown, manufactured, and purchased.

Reasons to Rapidly Grow the CBD Industry

Let’s take a closer look and some of the ways that CBD and technologies are working together to shape the CBD industry of the future.

DNA Technology for Efficient Strains

CBD Strains

One of the reasons why CBD products are often more expensive than other supplements is that only a tiny proportion of harvested hemp plants make it into the final product. Hemp plants contain a range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. Depending on the CBD product being made, many cannabinoids and terpenes may not be required.

For CBD manufacturers, this means that most of the hemp plants they purchase from growers are wasted. Growers are using DNA technology to cross different hemp plant strains and create plants that contain a high ratio of CBD while also being easy to grow and high yielding.

Often, hemp plants are also selected to reduce the levels of THC that they contain. Most countries have legal requirements regarding the amount of THC that can be contained in CBD products. Therefore, THC is one of the most wasted parts of the plant within the CBD industry, and manufacturers prefer plants that have a very low THC ratio in the plants that they purchase.

Advanced Growing Techniques for Higher Yields

Hemp requires specific growing conditions to produce potent and high-yielding plants. Only a few areas of the world have these conditions, making the price of high-quality, CBD-rich hemp expensive.

Technological advances in LED lighting have made it much easier to replicate optimal growing conditions in labs. Such advances have helped to formulate systems that can recreate specific climates in indoor settings.

Increasingly, hemp plants are being grown in state-of-the-art grow labs where lighting and climate have been set to replicate those of the best hemp farms worldwide.

The ability to grow CBD-rich hemp plants in labs is helping to reduce the cost of growing plants and, in turn, the price that manufacturers have to pay for them. This has meant more affordable products and a broader range to choose from for consumers.

Bioavailability for Effective CBD Products

Advances in Bioavailability for Effective CBD Products

Working to increase the bioavailability of CBD products has been a focus for researchers for a while now. Bioavailability refers to the amount of a product that can affect the body when consumed.

For example, high bioavailability means that the majority of the compounds with the product are processed and successfully used by the body. Whereas, with a low bioavailability product, much of what is consumed is wasted.

CBD is considered to have relatively low bioavailability, which is why it has been a major topic of interest for researchers. Improving the bioavailability of CBD would mean that consumers need a lower dose to achieve their desired effects.

Several techniques to improve the bioavailability of CBD and help consumers get the most out of the products they choose have been developed.

Water-soluble solutions are thought to be the most successful way to improve the bioavailability of CBD. The idea is that it becomes easier for the body to process CBD, resulting in much less waste.

There is still a lot more research needed to improve the bioavailability of CBD products. Several studies are currently looking at how technology might help to shape the future of the CBD industry.

What Is CBD Distillate

Online Shopping and Increased Access to CBD Products

Technology has revolutionized the way that people learn about CBD industry and the way that they purchase it.

There has been a considerable focus on increasing awareness when it comes to CBD. The internet has played an enormous role in making it easy for people to access information about CBD and its many benefits.

The internet is also changing the way that people purchase CBD products. A large proportion of CBD products are now sold online, making it easy for people worldwide to find the right products for them.

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