The pace at which technology is evolving today is indeed astonishing, to say the least. If you just turn back the pages of history to 50 years ago, you’ll find yourself standing in a totally different world without the cell phone or the internet. Even today, technology is progressing so fast that it often gets difficult to keep track of these changes.

Each of the new developments brought into the world aims to make human life easier. While some may be trying to create a faster and more reliable means of communication, another may be committed to revolutionizing the way in which we enjoy our leisure.

Let us look at some of these astonishing technologies from recent times that may have escaped the attention

Vaping has replaced Smoking

Ever since its discovery, tobacco has been a popular recreational product all over the world. However, owing to its health implications, developers had constantly been looking for a new technology that could safely replace this without compromising on the other aspects. While e-cigarettes lack the feel of real tobacco-based products, the vapes with CBD e liquid give you the real tobacco feel, minus the health implications.

In fact, many people even claim that using quality CBD liquid gives relief from problems such as insomnia, excess fatigue, and stress. However, always ensure that you are buying reliable CBD liquids from professional vendors, as lesser quality liquids can cause some unwanted side effects, for example, MCT oil can cause diarrhea amongst other unpleasant disadvantages.

Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence is largely replacing the boring and mind-numbing tasks that take up hours of human labor. Today, artificial intelligence is diligently handling tasks such as customer support, processing, and preparing reports by going through millions of data, accurately calculating complicated sums, and so on.

It is hoped that self-driven cars and industries will be handled largely by artificial intelligence in the near future.


The world of finance has not been left untouched by the advancement of technology. In fact, even the currencies of the new world are likely to differ from traditional money. Today crypto-currency or virtual money is gaining wide popularity among the users. Much of the popularity of this new currency owes to the fact that it makes international transactions faster and smoother. It also makes International Trade more accessible to the traders and so on.

It is envisioned that even the government regulating agencies will soon extend their ambit and make crypto-currency a legal means of transaction in most countries.

Predicted And Personalised Health-Care

The health care industry, too, has been seeing a lot of changes owing to technology. While technology has made a diagnosis of diseases more accurate and easier, the latest technology is directed towards bringing in products that can personalize the diagnosis and treatment process. A good example of this can be the smartwatches that keep track of your heart rate and sleeping patterns.

The newer technology in this line is being designed so that if a person is going through a heart attack or if the blood sugar level or there are anomalies of any other essential body function, the health care experts will immediately get a notification.

Edutech Sector

Technology has been integrated into education to make learning easier and more fun for the new students. The latest developments in this line include the use of Virtual Reality Augmented tools and artificial intelligence, among others. So, in place of real invigilators, students may now have robots to invigilate them during their online exams and so on.

Technology is much like a running stream. What we are talking about as amazing new developments today may soon become old and obsolete. We hope that some of the technology discussed here impresses you and brings positive, new changes to your life as well.

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