As a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company, your primary focus will be on enhancing your customers’ experience and maximizing their satisfaction. This way, you stand a much greater chance at creating positive and long-lasting relations with your clients.

With digital communication channels, social media, and review platforms, consumers have become more demanding and vocal than ever. Consumers have enormous power to publicize and amplify their feedback online about your service offering. When your customers receive a good service, you can actively promote ways to encourage them to leave a review you so that more people will consider hiring your HVAC service in the future.

One sure way to improve your customer experience is through technology. Here are some valuable ways how HVAC companies use technology to improve customer experience:

1. Using applications

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Your customers are busy people, just like you. One way to guarantee an excellent experience for them is through the use of software applications that improve convenience. For instance, a downloadable and fully customizable HVAC invoice template ensures you can create professional looking invoices that can be sent promptly as soon as a job has been completed. This eliminates the need for waiting for an administrator to gather the relevant information from a technician and send it hours or even days after a job has been done. In addition, knowing how much to pay for a service in advance allows customers to prepare their payment. Manual invoice preparation methods are typically time-consuming and error-prone.

With the use of suitable applications, your company can also streamline the following tasks:

  • Work order preparation
  • Accounting
  • Job tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Task scheduling
  • Signing service agreements

Expediting tasks this way makes it far more convenient and stress free for your customers. Nowadays many people prefer to use their devices over paper documents, so digital communication is something that must be facilitated.

A lot of modern HVAC businesses now benefit from using scheduling software. Customers in need of HVAC services often complain of companies taking too long to respond, which is usually a result of poor record management and work scheduling. With a digital scheduling system, you can quickly send out your emails to attend to any customer concerns.

Furthermore, your business can improve customer experience by using appointment scheduling tools like the Jobber app that has been developed specifically to service HVAC businesses. In addition to the above, this app can:

  • Personalize your customer services by keeping a record of prior interactions.
  • Streamline your customer feedback collection hence swift replies.
  • Keep your technicians concentrated on one task at a time, thus delivering a quality service.
  • Online booking software reduces your rescheduling of services.
  • Allows you to send automatic reminders and notifications to customers.

2. Smart HVAC devices

To improve customer experience, your company can offer innovative HVAC technology to your customers. These smart devices improve customer comfortability and lower costs in the following ways:

  • Preventive maintenance: Smart HVAC systems have sensors and use the internet of things (IoT) to predict when you should perform maintenance before the unit breaks down completely. They improve preventive care by sensing the status of the equipment and air quality. Thus, your customers don’t have to do manual inspections to try and diagnose problems with the system.
  • Remote monitoring: Smart HVAC devices with remote monitoring capabilities improve your customer experience. Your HVAC technicians can remotely monitor the device’s energy consumption and give a personalized solution to reduce consumption and improve efficiency. It’s especially advantageous to homeowners who are always away from home yet want their system to be maintained regularly.

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3. Embracing green technology

The rise in climate change has moved building managers and homeowners to be more focused on green HVAC systems. These are technologies that have minimal impact on the natural environment and humans. You could have these systems in your depots to ensure your customers embrace green technology.

For one, thermally driven air conditioning is a piece of equipment you can include in your portfolio. This innovative technology uses solar energy and geothermal heat pumps that take advantage of underground forced air. Also, these systems benefit your company. Shifting to more environmentally-friendly practices and equipment can help turn your company carbon neutral by keeping carbon emissions low.

4. Wearable video devices

Wearable recording devices that capture video evidence of your HVAC services are a way to show your transparency. These devices increase the trust between your customer and the technicians. By sending videos of the units to your clients and explaining the defects, they can quickly decide whether or not to replace the system. Add voice to video or subtitles and make it more appealing and easier for customers to follow and understand. Thus, the system repair proceeds quickly. Wearable video devices also eliminate theft, incomplete services, and a lack of transparency.

5. Use of database systems

When making calls or scheduling appointments, your customers don’t like providing their address or billing information each time. They’d usually prefer a one-click order, which you can achieve if you have a comprehensive customer database. When regular customers contact you, their information and previous order details display instantaneously, thus speeding up the service delivery process.

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Technological advancement has reshaped and changed how people do business. Adopting the latest technology helps your HVAC company realize a more remarkable customer experience due to their seamless and satisfactory interactions with your technicians. By and by, the happy customers will spread the word about your brand, increasing your customer base and profitability.

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