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How Has the Internet Changed the World Essay?

Modern people cannot do without technology. We use different smart and helpful devices to perform all kinds of tasks. They sufficiently simplify our life and promise incredible perspectives.

However, is it all that good or is there something bad and wrong about it? Technology has changed the world, but we should use it with great caution to avoid addiction to it.

Nowadays, it’s really difficult to imagine the modern world without technology. Its signs can be noticed merely in every sphere of human activity. Technological innovations such as wireless security cameras are used in the workplace, at home or in the street. They are actively used by people of various ages, genders, and nationalities.

Why is technology so popular? The answer is simple – it helps us to cope with our common tasks faster and more effectively. Nonetheless, some people consider it as our enemy or something like that. Who is right and who is wrong? Let’s try to review this essential matter from two different viewpoints.

1. “How Technology Affects Our Life and Is It Good?”

Technological innovations are very resourceful and helpful. They have already brought a lot of amazing and beneficial changes. Engineering and science industry promises that more positive changes are about to come. What positivism do we already enjoy? First of all, technology has changed business and production.

Effective machines are used to fulfill tasks that were previously carried out by humans. It takes less time and effort to fulfill them. As a result, machinery sufficiently increases productivity and thus, the income of an enterprise. People are used more like supervisors and controllers of the process.

2. Technological Process has Changed the Way

Secondly, the technological process has changed the way we communicate. The communication became faster and cheaper. People may get in touch via the Internet no matter where they are how has the internet changed the world essay. They can even use online conferences via Skype to see their interlocutors.

Besides, most people who use the Internet know about such social media as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

These are great resources that allow communicating at full. People write emails, send instant messages, share photos, videos, and exchange experience.

This brings folks of different nations, backgrounds, mentality, and religious views closer. Moreover, some people find it easier to find the second halves because they use special dating sites.

3. Technology Helps The Studens

Thirdly, technology helps students to perform their tasks faster and more effectively. They use a tremendous variety of smart applications and programs.

Those apps help to learn languages faster, find the necessary information on any issue, develop different learning skills about aliens tech and so on.

4. Technological Innovation to Transfer Money

Fourthly, technological innovations help to transfer money and pay bills much faster. There is nothing complicated when it comes to paying for the Internet or your taxes. Everything can be made with the help of your smartphone. All you need is to download the necessary applications and log in. Afterward, make the required money transfers.

Technology has also changed the way we watch TV and have fun. Some years ago, it was difficult to watch movies and shows we liked. The television showed certain content and most of it had to be paid. Today, you should only pay for the Internet. Get unlimited access to the world web and watch whatever movies, videos, concerts, shows and other things you like.

GBwhatsApp Android has more features then WhatsApp.

This list may be even longer. Nonetheless, I wish to look at the “dark side of the Moon”. There are certain drawbacks as well.

They also affect us and may change our life from something good or normal to something bad or wrong. Thus, people get strongly dependent on technological innovations. It results in negative reflections in all mentioned above positive sides.

5. Machine Grow Production

Many factories had great losses when some machines got spoiled all of a sudden. The process of production may partially or fully stop. The workers may be not properly trained to manage all tasks on their own. The same goes for students.

Once they are deprived of their apps, students find it hard to find information about how has the internet changed the world essay and carry out studies on their own. Besides, youngsters get socially isolated. They get used communicating in social media but experience great difficulties to face people in reality.

At the End & Final Thought

So is it clear about how has the internet changed the world essay? Due to multiple cyber-attacks, it became quite unsafe to use the Internet. Many hackers can easily break through almost any firewall and safeguard.

They may find personal data online users add on their webpages. When a user makes money transfers and uses his/her login and parole, they can be also discovered by hackers and all the money will be stolen.

It’s not always safe to use dating agencies. Oftentimes, people were robbed. Sometimes, young girls, who hoped to meet their soul-mate, were kidnapped or even worse. Finally, the implementation of machines that fulfill human functions rid people of their jobs.

How has the internet changed the world essay? It is understood that technology is very important for humanity. However, there are many possible complications it may induce. Therefore, we should use it cautiously and reasonably.”

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