The honey bee is thought to be one of the most beneficial out of every insect species there is.  Bee colonies potentially can have big economic value. Bee removal is described as “the process of removing bees from a specific location”.  There are many professional bee removal services out there such as Houston bee removal.

A professional or professional team will come out and transfer your bees to another place where they are able to be nurtured so to speak and then used to pollinate crops.  They can also be used to produce beeswax and honey.

There are also swarms of bees that can cause a nuisance at the very least, and they can even be downright dangerous.  This can happen not only in your garden area but in your home or garage as well.  In any of these cases, the bee removal should not be taken lightly and you’ll want to call a professional.

Infrared thermometers are typically used for air conditioning and heating repair.  The tool is used to help contractors find a variation in the heat source without having to come in contact with it.  You can figure out where the temperature is increasing or decreasing while determining where heat is coming out or escaping from a furnace, duct, or wall.  

What Does This Have to do With Bee Removal You Might Ask?

Without using an infrared thermometer you’ll typically have to put a hole in the wall to get to a bees nest camping inside your home.  Most of the time you may be able to see where the bees are entering an area, however, the nest is nowhere to be found. With a high tech infrared thermometer you can locate the bees by sensing where heat is centered or coming from within the wall. 

This will cause less damage to your home as you’ll be able to pinpoint where the hive is at and only have to make one hole in your wall.  It will save you time and money, not to mention make the bee removal process much less stressful.

There are other ways you can go about bee removal but those are extremely expensive and in some cases not safe for your home environment.  If you call an exterminator for example, then you’re looking at huge fees and they spray parts of your home with a pesticide. One thing to keep in mind is that this will kill the bees however, in a couple of days you’ll find new pupa because the pesticide only kills the bees on the surface of the nest.  The exterminator will have to come back once or twice more, therefore, costing you extra money.

You can always try trapping the bees outside the nest so the worker bees can’t do their job which will kill them off over time.  However, this is not easy and as I said takes quite a bit of time. So, the use of an infrared thermometer for bee removal is your safest, cheapest, and most efficient bet.

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