WhatsApp is the most commonly used Instant messenger. It has almost changed the way we defined ‘Instant messaging’ traditionally. Due to the flexibility, easy to use interface and many features, it has made sharing of Photos and Videos more common.

WhatsApp groups are another great way to socialize and get in touch with people. A WhatsApp user only knows the number of Images and videos he/she receives on groups and via personal messages. All these images can be seen by opening the respective chat screen, but they are also visible in the Gallery.

WhatsApp Media Hide from Gallery 2{adinserter 3}We may receive anything on WhatsApp, it can be an image of a ‘God’, it can also be the picture of your favorite ‘Heroine’, you may also receive ‘unwanted videos’. All that don’t look good in the gallery, it actually is an embarrassing moment when someone is going through the unwanted things in the gallery. But being a group member or a WhatsApp user you can’t run from downloading of these stuff.

Since WhatsApp doesn’t filter and send stuff, you have to download things to know what it actually is, and many a times it happens that we think, the item received is useless and don’t download it, but later you come to know about the Importance of the media. So there is no chance of avoiding downloading of ‘Images/Videos/Music” from WhatsApp.

Step 1: Download ES File Explorer [Advanced File Manager].

To hide the images and videos you downloaded from WhatsApp in the gallery. So to begin with the process, you will first have to download ‘ES File Explorer’, This is an advanced file manager which has the functionalities which the normal file manager doesn’t have.

[appbox googleplay com.estrongs.android.pop]

After downloading this app, install it. This is one of the most advanced “File manager”, We’ve already posted many tricks we’ve done using “ES Explorer”.

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Step 2: Create a New File in WhatsApp Image Directory.

After installing the ES File Explorer you are required open the File manager and navigate to the below directory:

WhatsApp Media Hide from Gallery

WhatsApp  → Media  → WhatsApp Images

and after opening WhatsApp Images, you are required to create a new File and name it as ‘.nomedia‘. That’s it, now reboot your phone or clear the RAM and open the Gallery app and you won’t be able to see any WhatsApp Image in the Phone gallery.

Step 3: Create a New File in WhatsApp Videos Directory.

The “.nomedia” file you created in the WhatsApp Image directory has hidden the “WhatsApp Images” from the “Phone Gallery”, but hasn’t hidden the “Videos”, to hide the videos navigate to the below directory:

WhatsApp  → Media  → WhatsApp Videos.

And Create a new file with name “.nomedia” and now get out of the “ES File Explorer” and clear the RAM and open the gallery of your phone. You will see that the “WhatsApp Images and Videos” have disappeared from the phone gallery. In case they still remain in the gallery, you are required to reboot your phone and troubleshoot.

If the images and videos stay in gallery even after rebooting your phone then you are required to follow the steps properly and try to stick with the steps.  That’s it, you’ve successfully hidden the WhatsApp Images/Videos from the Gallery. Isn’t it a great thing?

Well, this guide was written for the purpose of helping you hide the WhatsApp Media from your Phone gallery but many a times it might happen that you would want to see them in the gallery or you might have mistakenly followed this guide, so counter the mistake, you can simply go to the folders where you created the “.nomedia” file and delete the file from that location. Now go to phone gallery and you will see the WhatsApp Images and videos. Isn’t it easy?

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