Your phone can help you sleep better. Yes, even though that may fly in the face of conventional wisdom around sleep and bedtime. But it can. However, you shouldn’t be using these apps if you are experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness. With that being said, here are some of the great apps that can help you get a better night’s sleep when your head hits your Zinus mattress.


The application, Sleepio, is used in conjunction with the Sleepio course. According to NPR, this course is an evidence-based program that helps to resolve insomnia. In addition, the course helps individuals fall asleep faster, with deeper sleep, and fewer interruptions to their sleep cycles throughout the night. This application can be downloaded free of charge, although there will be opportunities to purchase additional content in the app.

IPNOS Relax Melodies

The website of Relax Melodies shares with us that this application can aid with insomnia using the 100 relaxation sounds, soothing melodies, binaural beats, and white noise. Sleep-enhancing meditations, that are guided, are also present in this app. IPNOS Relax Melodies is completely free to download for iOS and Android devices, and extra content to expand your Relax Melodies library can be purchased in the app.

Nature Sounds Relax & Sleep

Healthline states that the Nature Sounds Relax & Sleep application is able to help you wind down and achieve restful sleep with wonderful sounds that can be found in nature. It also promotes a deeper rest. The app is free to download to your Android device, and extra in-app purchases are available.

Sleep Genius

The Sleep Genius website states that this application was developed initially using research to help astronauts working with NASA to fall asleep. Healthline adds that the app was designed to utilize sounds in order to aid the brain in achieving a complete sleep cycle so that users can get to sleep quicker, experience more restful sleep, and awaken at their optimal time. The Sleep Genius application is available for iOS and Android devices at a price of $4.99, and it features cutting-edge programs involving sleep, relaxation, and power naps.


Pzizz, according to their website, uses sound sequences to aid in curbing insomnia, which optimizes sleep. Therefore, this application helps you to not only fall asleep but also stay asleep in order to wake up feeling well-rested. You can download the Pzizz application free for your iOS or Android device, and make use of extra content within the app that is available for purchase.


This is a meditation application that helps you to fall asleep using soothing sounds, progressive relaxation, and atmospheric music. The Inscape website states that you can choose an area to focus on within the app (there are sessions to aid those suffering from insomnia in falling asleep) in order to help you to target the issues that spring up day-to-day. The application is free and available for iOS devices only, with in-app purchases available.

Sleep Time

According to the Sleep Time page, this application allows you to use personalized sleep analysis to track your sleep cycles. The app also features soothing soundscapes that aid you in falling asleep as well as a sleep-phase alarm clock that enables you to awaken feeling refreshed. Using the sleep analysis feature, you will also be able to view a detailed report of each sleep session you experience. This application is free to download for iOS and Android devices, with available purchases in-app.

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