Smartphone users love customizations. Wallpapers are one of the best ways to make your phone express your personality. Users are always looking for new and good looking wallpapers to suit their needs. Google has been coming out with a number of apps for Android users. One such app is the Google Wallpapers app that allows the users to select and use any wallpaper of their liking.

This Google Wallpapers app has been a rather new release, and its primary purpose is to bring the wide collection of Pixel-like attractive wallpapers to all users. The app was recently updated to version 1.1 which brought forward a number of new images to the mix. With this new update, Google has now brought forward two whole new categories into the app – Art and Solid Colors.

Interestingly, this change to Google Wallpapers comes as a server-side change and not as an app-update.¬†The ‘Solid Colors’ section is self¬†explanatory as it allows the users to make use of a simple, plain color as their wallpaper. It is good for a minimal look and offers one solid color block as a wallpaper.

However, what is perhaps the most interesting change in this update is the ‘art’ section. It brings forward a large selection of abstract art images as well as beautiful imagery that will make you phone look quite vibrant. For most users this will already have appeared on their Google Wallpapers app, but it might take a day or two depending on region to region.

Google has always been a brand known for attention to detail and the company knows that wallpapers are something that users look forward to. Instead of downloading third party apps that provide them with wallpapers, users can now make use of the Google Wallpapers app for a great selection of images or solid colors!