A few weeks ago, Google suddenly brought the Google Voice back to life by tweaking the UI and bringing forward some changes to the exterior. However, a major update has now been brought forward for the app today, which brings forward a number of new features and introduces many new changes. Let us take a detailed look at what the app can do now –

New Features Introduced To Google Voice:

  • You Can Now Delete Conversations: Users can now delete their conversations on the Android app or the web service of Voice. This looks like a rather simple feature, and was long overdue. Users had been demanding this for quite a while and it has finally been introduced with this update. To delete a conversation, users need to click on the conversation, click on more and then click on delete. Individual messages can be deleted as always, by long pressing them. The update will be available for iOS later.
  • Calling For Web: Another major feature which was long overdue was the ability to make calls via the web. After this update, users can now make calls to any number or contact via the web.
  • Do Not Disturb: Another much demanded feature, the Do Not Disturb mode has also been introduced with this update to Google Voice. The feature, when turned on, pauses call and text forwarding, and users can also set a timer on the Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Conversations Archive Shortcut Introduced: Long pressing a conversation in the messages list now brings forward an option to archive the conversation.
  • GIF image search: GIF images have been taking over! They have been introduced on various apps, and Google has been making good use of GIFs too. The Google Voice app too, now gets the GIF search abilities for Gboard users on Android.