Google Text-to-Speech now Supports Hindi and other Indonesian Languages, Google Text-to-Speech is an App which runs in the background and is used by many apps such as Play Books. Previously it supported English and some other Languages but the latest update in the Google Text-to-Speech app brings in the support for Hindi and Indonesian Languages.

Hindi supportSo in case you are having a Book on Play books which is written in Hindi, then you can use this Feature and make your Phone read the Book aloud.

How to Turn-on Google Text-to-Speech Feature?

Well, the Google TTS (Text-to-Speech) Feature is most commonly activated in Most of the Android Devices, in case you have turned it off or you’ve changed the settings related to it then you will have to Enable the Google TTS Feature. So if you don’t have it activated without being worried, Congrats! You’ve successfully turned on Google Text-to-Speech Feature.

How to Get Hindi Support in Google TTS?

To get the support of Hindi Language you need to update the Google TTS app to the latest version because, Google has repacked the older App with some additional features. Once you update the Google TTS App to the Latest version you will also see that the Google TTS App also supports Hindi and Indonesian Languages.

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Google TTS Has Hindi, How to Enable Hindi as the Language?

Once you update to the latest Google TTS version you will find the Hindi Language Listed in the Language list while you would configure it. So to Enable Hindi as a Language follow the below steps :

  • Go to Settings and Navigate to Input and Output
  • Select TTS App.
  • Select Hindi Language from all the listed Languages

That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled Hindi Language in your Google Text-to-Speech Service, Now your phone would be able to read (a loud) the text in Hindi Language. If you are having any Hindi or Indonesian Books in Play Books then it can read them as well!

Source : AndroidOS

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  1. Hindi voice data installed. Selected as TTS option. Works to demonstrate sample of hindi speech synthesis, but doesn’t work as text to speech to read any hindi text aloud. I’m not sure if I’m missing something!

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