Google has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of internet technology. However, their primary and most popular offering continues to be Google Search. With Billions of searches taking place every day, Google holds a massive market share when it comes to search. In a latest update, Google is now beginning to show users with recommended search topics.

Basically, if you search about ‘Latest Google Update’, you would get a recommended search list with keywords such as Search Engine, Chrome and Android. This is indeed an interesting update from Google and it will empower the users to search for even more things. Basically this gives the users keyword ideas to look up on Google Search. It benefits Google too, as it would have users engage more with them.

In the past this feature used to be present at the bottom of the page in form of regular blue links. However, with this update, the recommended topics have been moved up and now come in a fancier grey-dark grey color scheme which are certainly better looking than it was in the past.

Google has been adding more and more features to Google Search. Over the past few months we have seen many improvements and additions to search. Google is reportedly working with publishers to soon start off with a service similar to Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ feature. This will be called Google Stamp, as it is powered by Google’s AMP technology.

Of late, we got to see Google introducing ‘tags’ in image search, where the images would be tagged according to the information that they contain. Many other changes are coming our way as Google is working on developing a more personalized offering for Google Search.¬†Apart from these new features, Google has also been working on giving a fight to Facebook. They have rebranded the Google Now section as the Google Feed, and are now working towards offering the users with a more enhanced experience. Stay tuned with us for more updates.