Google has brought forward many changes and innovations over the years. Android OS especially has been a major achievement. Google has also brought forward various new and impressive innovations in the past few years. The latest update to the Google Play Services is for the Indian users. Users based in India can now purchase Google Play Store credit via PayTM!

Google Play Store credit PayTM

The update comes in at a time when PayTM has been on quite a roll in the country. For those who might not be aware, PayTM is a digital wallet that allows the users to easily make transactions. India is going through a major financial revolution. The Indian Prime Minister banned old currency notes of INR 500 and INR 1000, and introduced new notes of INR 500 and INR 2000. Following then, digital wallets have been booming in India.

With PayTM now being supported by Google Play Services, it will open the doors for a large number of Indian users to make transactions – be it for purchasing apps and games, or be it for purchasing in-app content. The way users will be using PayTM for Google Play Store credit will be slightly different than other forms of payment.

Users would be able to buy Google Play Store credit via the PayTM app itself. In the app, users would see a new ‘Google Play’ section. The users can then ‘recharge’ their Google Play account with whatever amount they want. Following that, they would get a Google Play voucher code in a text message. They can then go to the Google Play Store and then redeem their code.

This is quite an interesting feature, and it will allow millions of users to purchase paid content with greater ease. India as a country has just begun to trust digital payments, and with this, purchasing the Google Play Store credits has become quite easy.