Recently Google made the latest Android Marshmallow OS available for the Nexus devices. The Android marshmallow is like a revamped version of Android Lollipop, which has less errors and bugs compared to the Lollipop OS. Though, there are less bugs, but one such bug has annoyed a lot of people.

fix Google Play Services{adinserter 3}There are many users who registered complains about abrupt force close errors with Google Play Store service after they updated their device to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google’s newest mobile OS. It is being observed that Google Play services error is triggered by some permission issues along with FB Chat heads problem.

XDA developers have recently developed a simple fix to resolve this issue on Android devices after installing Android Marshmallow updates.


Steps to fix Google Play Services Force close error by Flashing Android 6.0 Marshmallow Gapps

  1. Download the Marshmallow Gapps shared by Benzo.
  2. Flash the Gapps after you have flashed the ROM like you would do via TWRP or CWM recovery. Restart your phone and then you will start seeing Google Play Services errors displayed on the screen during the setup. Ignore all the messages and go ahead with the setup. When you launch any Google app or use anything that requires Play services, you might get a couple of errors.
  3. Now go to Settings->Apps. Tap on three dots placed on top right corner of your screen and select Show system.
  4. Enable all permissions, this will transition all Google Play services smoothly.
  5. Exit the Settings menu. Now re-download all your apps and now errors won’t appear on the screen of your device.

Let us know if this worked for you in the comment section below.

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