Another day is another update! Google is on quite a mood for change over the past few months. A number of Google owned apps have received updates in recent times, and the latest name to join this list is that of the Google Play Music. The app has now received a major update where the UI has been completely revamped. Let us take a look at some of the changes which have been made to the app:


Smarter Recommendations Engine

One of the biggest changes that has been brought forward with this update has been that of a smarter recommendation engine for Google Play Music. Google is now making a proper use of the machine learning technology to learn the kind of music a user usually consumes. The engine takes into accounts various factors such as geographical location, weather, time of the day, etc. and provides the users with a better experience.

Changes to the home screen

A number of visual changes have also been made to the Google Play Music app’s home screen. A new row has been introduced on top for recently played music. Following that is a block of various themes curated thanks to the smarter recommendation engine that has come out after this update. A ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ button has also been introduced which would play a song randomly from the songs recommended to you. This change in the UI is quite a welcome change!


Offline Music Cache

The third big update that has been introduced to the Google Play Music app is that of an improvement in the offline music manager. The new and improved offline storage mechanism stores music based on the users recently played music. However there is still quite some ambiguity regarding this and it is expected that more details would be known once the app update releases for everyone.