Google is among some of the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology. The company is bringing forward several changes to the way the markets function. Their latest update is all about the Play Store. In a latest update, the company has now introduced Family Library for Google Play users. This allows the users to share content with 6 members of their family. This service is free for now, and is slowly being made available across many nations.

Google Play Family Library

When opted-in for this service, users will be able to share content with family members. This includes all the content in Google Play services, including books, games, TV Shows, movies and apps. The one major thing missing here is Music, because there are separate plans for that. Users who have subscribed to this family library will be able to access content in a separate section. The buyer has the option to make it publicly available to the members, or can keep it private if they want.

A family payment method, too, can be set up. In this, all the members can make purchases via a single payment source. Each member an also use their own payment source or gift cards to make purchases. Also, if there are kids in the family library, you can set them to take permission before a purchase. Even members using the Google Play services apps on the iOS devices would be able to make use of this feature.

Talking about the Google Play Music now, the company has separate plans. Users will need to subscribe to the Google Play Music Family Plan. This costs $14.99 per month and works similar to the Google Play services.  These family library services are indeed very useful. This is actually the second big update that comes to the Google Play services. Another major update saw the size of downloads getting a drastic reduce with Google’s new algorithm.