One of the biggest questions that many Google users have often pondered upon is – why does Google have two apps which do pretty much the same thing – Google Wallet and Android Pay. After years of brainstorming – Google finally has had the genius idea of unifying both these platforms under a single brand. Google Pay.

This all-new Google Pay branding was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 event being held in Las Vegas. Not only does it bring your Android Pay and Google Wallet apps together, it also brings in Chrome‘s autofill payment info in consideration.

Google introduced their first ever NFC-based tap to pay mobile payment system and called it the Google Wallet. However, while Google Wallet still exists, the tap-to-pay system was then rebranded Android Pay and introduced in multiple markets. Now, it has been rebranded for the third time, as Google Pay – a branding Google (and we) hopes sticks.

While the branding was unveiled at the CES 2018 event, many users had reportedly been getting this update days in advance as they were already seeing the Google Pay logo on their phones while making payments. Google has announced that ‘Google Pay’ will soon be everywhere. Sites like Airbnb, Fandango and Instacart have already started accepting it.

As Android Pay, we saw this tap-to-pay payment system reach multiple nations. Over the past couple of years this payment service reached the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Poland, Russia and Canada among many other countries. Throughout the years, more and more banks were added to the platform.

Google’s primary competitor here is Samsung Pay – which has been leading the tap to pay payment service markets for quite a while now. Samsung’s unique advantage is that it supports existing magnetic strip systems to make payments and does not need setting up of a new system. It would be interesting to see how Google Pay tackles competition moving forward.