The Google Now Launcher which resides inside the Google App has received an update signed as Google App brings Landscape mode orientation in the Launcher. The Google Now Launcher’s smoothness and minimalist nature has made a lot of Android users use it as their default launcher.

Google Now Launcher Landscape Mode

Most of them using Android phones with Google Now Launcher as their default launcher would have turned off the “Screen rotation” feature just because the launcher remains portrait oriented even in landscape mode. So when while using our Android phone in landscape mode when we return back to our Launcher, it doesn’t rotate and we are forced to use the Launcher in portrait mode even when we have rotation enabled.

The idea of having the Google App’s Landscape mode enabled was first seen in Android M Previews, but it was dropped, so that it could be added into the final build. While using Google Now in Landscape mode you will see an extra column of apps in the App drawer i.e. In portrait mode, the App drawer has 4 columns, but in Landscape mode you will be seeing 5 columns.

Google Now Launcher Launched.

On the home screen the gap between the App icons have increased and it seems quite spacious. The search bar which exists on the home screen in portrait mode is transformed into a small ‘Google icon’ will be found on the left hand side of yours while using in Landscape mode, below the ‘Google icon’ sits the Google now’s voice listener.

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To use the Google Now Launcher in landscape mode, you will have to change the screen rotation setting in your Phone settings to “Auto rotation” and enable ‘Allow Rotation’ option in “Google Now Settings”. That’s all for now folks!

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