The Google Nexus 6 Smartphone will not be manufactured by LG says the LG Communications Executive – ‘Ken Hong’. In an interview with Draadbreuk website. LG has been manufacturing the Nexus series since years, It manufactured the Google Nexus 4, it also manufactured the Google Nexus 5 and both of the Smartphones were a Giant success.


The question is ‘Why is LG not manufacturing the Google Nexus 6‘ and the other question which strikes after the first question is ‘If LG won’t, then who will manufacture the Google Nexus 6 ? Don’t worry in this post I’ll be giving you the answer to both the questions.

Why will LG not Manufacture the new Google Nexus 6?

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The LG Communications Executive ‘Ken Hong’ stated that “Developing a Smartphone for Google gives enough credibility but earning money is not so easy.”  He also added that “Developing a Smartphone for Google also makes the manufacturer Google Dependent’. Lg Google Nexus models were in demand all time, still why did ‘Ken Hong’ say that the ‘Earning money isn’t easy’ ? The answer is when any manufacturer develops a Smartphone for Google, Google puts some restrictions on the supply of the handsets, the same happened in the case of the Google Nexus 5, because Google determines the number of phones to be manufactured and LG had to strictly follow it, but the media/people blames LG for manufacturing less number of handsets, but the truth is, Google orders the number and Lg develops it.

Who will manufacture the Google Nexus 6 ?

Previously it was thought that the Google Nexus 6 will be a successor of the LG G3, but it will not have the same display as the LG G3 (5.5-inch), as Google was planning to involve a fingerprint sensor to it and to use the sensor it will have a smaller display comparatively. But ‘Ken Hong’s Interview’ made all that news of  no use, as he stated LG will not make the Google Nexus 6 anymore. According to many trusted sites we see that the Taiwanese manufacturer – HTC might make the Google Nexus 6 as Google liked the HTC M8 model due to its design and metallic body.

There are some sources saying that the Nexus 6 will be developed by Motorola or ASUS. There is a great confusion regarding the manufacturer of the Google Nexus 6.

At DroidMen we think that HTC will manufacture the all new Google Nexus 6. What do you think who will manufacture the all new Nexus 6? Any guesses? We will be very happy to receive responses from you regarding this!

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  1. Vishal Sancheti : Firstly, Thanks for the comment.
    We are also not able to conclude who will manufacture it, but since it is going to be a beast, Google will go with the best one. Seeing the news spread and some reliable sources what I can see is Google loved the sleek M8 model, so 80 % chances for HTC to manufacture and 20 % remains with Motorola. But the confirmed news is LG will not manufacture it for sure.

  2. Google wants it’s phones to get sold and Motorola’s great pricing and design will surely help them achieve this. A HTC Nexus would be costly when compared to Motorola Nexus. Plus, Motorola has gained quite popularity by exclusively partnering with Flipkart and selling their phones via them.
    I too wish for a Motorola built Nexus device instead of HTC.

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