You would be knowing that Nokia and Samsung partnered and launched the HERE Maps for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones? If not then you can have a read over here : HERE Maps for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, So now the question is even after having the wonderful Google Maps Feature why did Samsung Partner with Nokia and got the HERE Maps for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones? So in this post I’ll be making a comparison between the HERE Maps and Google Maps.

Google Maps vs Here Maps

Offline Navigation

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The Biggest Advantage of having HERE Maps is, you can navigate without using Mobile Data or being connected to Internet. Yes, If you are having a Windows Phone and if you are travelling and lose data connection you won’t get lost. Because HERE Maps provide Access to the Maps even when you are offline and not only access to the Maps but also facilitate Navigation.

On the other hand Google Maps do not provide Offline Access to the maps it implies that there is no Offline navigation also and it does consumes lot of data which gets deducted from your Data Balance and when you don’t have access to Internet you can’t think of using the Google Maps.

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When we are travelling or are searching any place we want accuracy so that we can plan accordingly, When it comes to Accuracy the Google Maps provides the data to the point, It’s not always providing the correct search query but then it also adds the similar places which would match the Search Query given by a user. Coming to Accuracy the Nokia HERE Maps are accurate but Google Maps beats the HERE Maps in when it comes to Accuracy!

Google Maps vs Here Maps

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The Google Maps are available for any Android OS Based device, be it from Samsung, HTC or any other manufacturer but the HERE Maps are restricted to Microsoft Windows Platform (Nokia’s Lumia) and Nokia X1 Series and now Samsung has partnered with Nokia to Launch the HERE Maps for the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, and soon the HERE Maps will be for the other Android Phones also.

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Well, People prefer to search for places before they visit, This happens when someone is searching for a new place and to find the distance between the place and what are the things nearby, the Search queries in the Google maps are very user Friendly that even if you search some matching Keyword, you will get the place you are searching for but when it comes to the Nokia HERE Maps, one cannot use it properly unless he has the complete knowledge of the place as well as it doesn’t provides the correct place sometimes.

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Final Words

Well, the Google and the Here Maps both are good at their Features. When the HERE Maps is good at providing Navigation when you aren’t connected to Internet, the Google Maps provide Accurate and Suggests correct ways to reach a place when you are connected to the Internet. When it comes to the Platform thing, the Nokia HERE Maps is already launched for Samsung Galaxy Phones and may launch for the other Smartphone brands soon!

Personally I would say it should not be “Google Maps Vs HERE Maps” It should be “Google Maps and HERE Maps together makes Navigation on Android Easy

Image Credits :  Techabal

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