The most popular mapping application on smartphones, Google Maps has been something that millions of people trust. Google keeps updating the app frequently and keeps improving the user experience. The latest update to the app comes for the beta users, as the Google Maps v9.47 Beta update starts rolling out today. The update focuses a lot on accessibility of the timeline, puts the share button in the right places, and redesigns the blue dot menu. Let us take a closer look at the features of this new update –

  • One of the highlights of the update has been that of the various improvements made to the Timeline. Changes have been made in this update to allow the users with an easier access to timeline. Google has also made the icons more colorful with this update.
  • In the ‘your places’ section, when you head over to the ‘visited’ tab, with every visited place, now there’s an option that says ‘view in timeline’. Tapping that will take you to the timeline and show you the path that you took on the day to reach that particular place. Google is trying its best to redirect as many users to timeline from as many places as possible.
  • The share button makes its return to the shortcut actions in Google Maps. It has been moved around for quite a while over the years, and was removed for a while, but it is back with this update.
  • Another improvement that comes with this¬†update is that of the blue dot menu. This has been redesigned to better suit the users’ needs. This is the menu that appears on tapping the blue dot. It has been reorganized and made simpler with this update to Google Maps. It is much simpler with just three lines of text!

Google is indeed working hard to ensure Google Maps is the perfect mapping application for all a user needs. This update is out for the beta users now and will soon be rolling out for the stable version in the next few weeks.