Google Earth has been one of the most popular Google services for many long years. Originally released in 2001, it has received many changes over the years, but perhaps none as monumental as the one that it gets today. This was a service which was reduced to trivial levels over the years, but Google has suddenly found the spark. Google Earth app gets a major makeover today. This change comes just in time for the Earth Day celebrations, which is observed on the 22nd of April every year.

Google had been teasing changes coming to this app for quite a while. However, after a long wait, it has arrived. The new and improved version of Google Earth brings to the table many new features which allow the users to make use of 3D maps of locations, as well as take guided tours around various places. Google’s focus with the update is on storytelling with the help of tours and habitats.

This new and improved version of Google Earth is already out for the users of Google Chrome and Android devices. It is expected to launch for the iOS users shortly, as well as for the users of other web browsers in near future.

What’s New in Google Earth:

Guided Tours on Google Earth: These tours are no longer ‘trivial’ in nature but way more informative than ever before. Led by scientists, documentary makers and various other similar experts, Google has vested a lot of effort into making the app a knowledge hub. There are 50 such guided tours which are ready for you to take on the latest version of the app already under the ‘Voyager’ section.

Habitats with BBC Earth: Google has teamed up with BBC to create six different video habitats produced by BBC Earth.

I’m Feeling Lucky: A classic I’m feeling lucky button has been added to the app, which now takes the users to random locations across the world. One click and you would be transported to random locations – the pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, the Opera houses of Italy, etc. The app will also show you ‘knowledge cards’ which will contain facts about these places.

3D View: One of the coolest additions to this update is the arrival of the 3D view. It will make locations viewable in a 3D mode, making them appear as if you are looking at them from a drone’s perspective. It makes the experience of using the app more immersive, and quite interesting.

Postcards: Came across an interesting place on the app? Want to share it with your friends? You won’t be limited to sharing links. You can now share ‘postcards’ with your friends using the app (basically images of the place you find interesting).

Chromebook Support: With Google Earth now working on the Google Chrome web browser, Google now brings in Chromebook support for the app. This has been done keeping in mind the requirements of the education community, as Chromebooks are popularly used by schools and students. This will indeed be a major boost for education at large.