The Google Chrome web browser is among the most popular names when it comes to modern day web browsers. It holds a massive market share, and has the highest number of users compared to any other browser. Chrome features many innovative technologies and is a very powerful browser. In a latest statement, Google’s team that works on the Chromium project said that Chrome is now faster! The popular web browser is now 10 to 20% faster when compared to last years’ performance.¬†

While Chrome has been appreciated by billions of users, the one major complaint that has always been there is that it tends to get slow at times. Google Chrome is also known to be quite heavy on the memory. Google is working on making the browser faster and lighter. They have managed to make the browser faster with their last few updates. The javascript engine that powers the browser, V8 has been tweaked to improve the average page load speed.

The V8 team has been working hard on improving the page load time, and there has been a significant improvement compared to last year. The team observed the page load speeds of some popular websites such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and they made use of that observation to implement changes which resulted in 10-20% increase in page load speed for the users of Google Chrome 49 to Chrome 56.

These observations led to the creation of a new ‘Speedometer’ benchmark. Results of Speedometer resulted in revealing that usually¬†web pages rely more on ‘startup’ performance, or how long it takes to start running scripts. It is based on these inferences that Google optimized the Google Chrome engines to better suit the needs of the users. While the page load speed has been tweaked and improved as of now, it is expected that the Chrome’s next big milestone would be in improving the memory consumption of the browser.