With Google Drive and Google Photos, Google provided the perfect online platform to back up your files on. However, the company had, for a long time, two different apps which helped you back up your files from PC to Drive and Photos. They have now consolidated the two and launched the Google Backup and Sync app which allows you to sync your files as well as photos in a better manner.

The all new Google Backup and Sync app was promised by Google last month. It allows the users to back up the files on their PC more easily than ever before. The basic purpose of the Google Backup and Sync app is to replace the Google Photos backup app, as well as the Google Drive clients for PC and Mac.

Google has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of internet technology. The company has, time and again, provided users with innovative solutions for various problems.This new tool from Google comes with a very simple and easy to use UI. It asks the users to sign in to their Google account. Following that, you will be prompted to select the folders you want backed in to your Google Drive.

Once selected, Google will continuously keep backing up these folders into your Google Drive, so that any new file or folder that you add to it is well backed up. Since the Google backup and sync appĀ is replacing the old Google Drive client, the tool will carry forward all your existing settings.

Interestingly, this Google backup and sync app can also be used to backup photos from your USB connected devices as well. Google has advised business users to not download this app at this point of time. It looks like a corporate app might be on the works too.