Google has been bringing a large number of changes to the way users search. The company has been the perhaps the biggest innovator in the world of online search. Google took search to a whole new level with the Google Assistant. However, before there was the assistant, there was Google Now on Tap. Now on Tap came with a screen search feature introduced during Android Marshmallow. That feature was carried on to the assistant as well, and now has its own button.

Despite having been there for really long time, the screen search feature wasn’t as popular and as commonly used by the users in the past. However, Google now wants to ensure that more and more users make use of this feature. Google has decided to make it way more obvious than ever before, and is now highlighting this feature with the ‘What’s on my screen’ button.

In the past the screen search results used to appear a little below the Google Assistant prompt after a few seconds of loading it. However, now the users would need to tap on that button to search the screen. In the past, the option to take and share a screenshot used to be visible even below where the screen search results used to be. However, the screenshot button too, is now directly visible placed right next to the ‘What’s on my screen’ button.

The screenshot button would literally take the screenshot of whatever’s running behind the Assistant when you press the assistant key and would directly give you the option to share it online on various social media platforms. This is a small change, but a really interesting one. It is expected that this will empower millions of users to try out the screen search features and explore all the possibilities that Google Assistant offers them!