Google started sharing flight delay predictions when searching for flight status earlier this year. Just in time for the holiday season, Google Assistant now shows predicted flight delays too.

According to Google, their flight delay predictions are quite accurate with an 85% probability. The prediction algorithm uses historic flights status data and machine learning to predict flight delays in advance.

With flight delay prediction now enabled in Google Assistant, you can now ask whether your flight will be on time or even know the status of your airline. In addition, Google Assistant will also inform you on your phone if there are flight delays. It would even give you the reason for the delay.

In addition to flight delay prediction through Google Assistant, Google also added information about places that you can explore when you’re on vacation in a certain place through Google Maps. It has also rolled a Google flight tool that shows historic flight price trends, top cities with hotel deals and popular things to do. These information are certainly useful when planning your holiday vacation.

So, where are you heading to this holiday season? Be sure to use this Google tools to help you plan and execute a great vacation.

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