Google Home has been one of the most popular Google products in quite a while. The company released this Amazon Echo competitor late last year, and it ha since received quite a welcome into the markets! The latest update announced by Google just moments ago adds yet another feature to this device – it can now shop for daily essentials for you! The Google Assistant, which powers the device will now be able to take orders and order it via Google’s express retailers!

How to Order Via Google Home

  • Before you begin ordering, you need to tweak some settings in the Google Home App:
    • Enable personal results by going to the menu, tapping on ‘more settings’, and ensure Personal ResultsĀ is on.
    • Add an address and a payment method – tap on more settings like above, and go to Payments. Over there, enter your delivery address, and set up your payment method.
  • After you have ensured that personal results are on, and a delivery address and a payment method has been added, try ordering. To order, simply say Order or Buy, followed by the product name. For example, saying ‘Buy Water’ will have Home speak out options for you that you can buy. Different brands and quantities will be listed out. When you come across the suggestion that you like, say “yes”. Users will be able to order from participating Google Express retailers.

Are There Any Additional Charges?

  • There are absolutely no charges for ordering via the Google Home as of now. The service has already gone live, and Google states that it will remain absolutely free to use till the 30th of April.
  • Users can order items ranging from $4 to $100 in value.
  • The price that Google speaks out to the users is inclusive of tax.

How to Check The Status or Cancel an Order Placed via Google Home

Users who place orders via voice commands on Google Home will get an e-mail once their order is confirmed, and another e-mail once their order is dispatched from the location. This ensures the users know the progress of their orders. Alternatively, the orders can also be tracked from the Express Orders page in the user’s Google account.

In order to cancel an order placed via voice on the Google Home, users need to ensure that the order has not been prepared for deliver, in which case it cannot be cancelled. However, if it is not in that stage, users still have time. Cancellation can be done by navigating to the aforementioned Orders page, or via the orders section in the Google Express App.