Google is a powerhouse when it comes to the world of internet technology. A large chunk of Google’s earnings come from their advertising revenue. The company has been revolutionizing the way online advertising works for quite a long time. Google has introduced numerous changes to the way advertising on their platform functions. However over the past few days they have been rather embarrassed over reports of YouTube ads appearing alongside offensive content for some of their top clients in Britain.

A number of these big names have been stopping their advertising expenses in YouTube ads as a result of this, and Google has today issued a formal apology over this. What makes this even more important to Google is that Britain is the second largest market for Google after the US when it comes to advertising revenues. In 2016, Google earned $7.8 Billion from Britain.

Hence this makes it even more important for them to ensure that the users in the region are happy. It so happened that YouTube ads from a number of UK based brands including public sector ads from the British Government were suddenly spotted alongside homophobic and Anti-Semitic content on YouTube.

Following the British government pulling their ads, a number of major clients for Google such as Marks & Spencer, HSBC, RBS, BBC, Havas UK, and McDonalds have stopped their YouTube ads.

While this is not a ‘major’ blow to Google per say, but if not resolved shortly, it might cause Google big losses. Google has officially apologized over it. “I would like to apologize to our partners and advertisers who might have been affected by their ads appearing on controversial content,” Google EMEA President Matt Brittin said at the annual Advertising Week Europe event in London. Things are expected to resume shortly and Google will ensure that such a thing does not happen again.