Google Allo was a very ambitious project back when Google began it. It was announced during the Google I/O 2016 and was released later in the year. However, despite Google’s best efforts to promote the app and to have the users use it, it hasn’t been doing that well. Google continues to bring out various updates and improvements for Allo. The latest update upgrades all to Google Allo 9.0 and is expected to bring out features like chat backups and group incognito chats.

Chat Backups: One of the most popularly demanded features for the Google Allo app, chat backups are finally all set to be introduced with the latest update to the app. Users would be given two options – either to save the chat backup locally on their phone or over the cloud on to their Google Drive. This has been a feature that WhatsApp has been offering their users for quite a while, but was missing on Allo.

Quick Selfies: Allo is going to make it even easier for you to take and share selfies with an even easier way to make use of their ‘Quick Selfies’ feature. Soon there will be a direct button for activating this feature as well as a live preview.

Group Incognito Chats: Google Allo 9.0 Update is also expected to bring forward another new feature – group incognito chats. From the day it debuted, the incognito chat feature was one of the highlights of Allo. The app is taking things one step forward with group incognito chats now.

Selfies to become Stickers: Google is also working on a way to convert the expression in your selfies as stickers. As of now there’s only a limited idea of what it is and how it would work but it would be interesting to see this feature roll out to Allo.