Gmail has been one of the biggest and most important offerings from Google over the years. It is perhaps the second most important service after Google Search. Billions of users around the globe use the Gmail email service. Google keeps improving the way Gmail functions for the web as well as for the apps. The latest update for the e-mail service now allows the users of Gmail for Web to stream video files they get on their mail directly without the need to download them.

In the past, if you were to get a video file on mail, it was not possible to stream it directly. You would have to download it on to your device, and then play it. However after the new update, the users will be directly able to stream it. Not only does it save time and is quite convenient for the users, users no longer need a native app to play the videos on their PC.

Google has stated that the feature that allows streaming of videos on Gmail for Web works on the same architecture that powers YouTube and the Google Drive streaming services. When you stream a video on Gmail for Web, it appears in the same YouTube layout with most of the YouTube like controls. The feature has started rolling out and will be made available to all the Gmail users over the next 15 days.

This is indeed an interesting update from Google. The company has been rolling out various updates to the Gmail app as well as Gmail for web. One of the latest updates they introduced for Gmail users allowed them to send or receive money on Google Wallet via the mail! Google is not only the biggest player in the e-mail markets with Gmail, but it also justifies this numero uno position by constantly updating their services.