Google has made Gmail ubiquitous with the word email. For those of us who have been on the internet for any length of time, most of us have a Gmail account. And if you’re nearly half as lazy as me, you’d probably have a few dozen mails in your inbox lying around that you can’t just be bothered to read.

Block Gmail Sender Android

Over the years, Gmail has tried to remedy this. They have a pretty awesome spam block which will keep most enterprising Nigerian Princes’ at bay. They also have stars and folders so that your inbox isn’t as big a mess as it otherwise would have been.


However, most of these work great with a mouse and pointer. In Android you have your own fingers and organizing on the tiny phone screen isn’t the ideal scenario. This is where the latest block feature from Google steps in. While this will not revolutionize your Gmail experience on the app, it certainly will make life for you, a tiny bit easier.

Now, when you’re on the app, you can click on any annoying email, navigate to the three dots and choose block and poof! You’ll never have to see the mail clutter up your inbox again.

This is also particularly useful for nagging subscription services that are deceptively hard to get rid of! Now you don’t have to go through all the hoops, just fire up the app, open the mail, go to the options menu and hit unsubscribe. subsequent mails from the sender will end up in the junk folder.


Should you feel like blocking or unsubscribing is too drastic an option to take, you can also use Gmail’s folder system on the app to organize your primary inbox so that it stays nice and clean!

So will you be using this feature? I know I will. If you’ve got any comments or queries leave ’em down below! Got a particularly nasty spammer who you finally got to block right from the convenience of your smartphone? Share this article then and help others live spam free as well!!

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