Digital payments have been booming at a rapid pace. With a number of people adapting cashless transactions and digital form of payments, more and more tech firms are bringing out innovative ways that allow the users to pay money online. While Gmail for web allows the users to send payments for almost four years now, users will be able to do the same via Google Wallet with the Gmail android app in the coming days.

Google is pitching this feature based on the simplicity of it. In fact, Google compares sending money being similar to sharing photos and files! Starting today, users of the Gmail Android app can share money too, with nearly the same ease. The feature is aimed at making contributions easier – splitting a bill between multiple people, or planning a group trip, etc. Payments for these kinds of payments will now be made much simpler.

Google also states that users can send money to anyone with this, not just with ones who are on Gmail addresses. Tapping on the attachment icon on the Gmail android app will now also show an option to send or request money. Recipients of the mail will be able to receive or request money via the mail itself. Users no longer need to install an additional payment app for that. It is also possible for the received money to be directly sent to the bank account of the users. Google states that this feature is free to use.

As of now this feature is available only for the US based users of the Gmail Android app. This is indeed an interesting feature, and will allow the uses to engage with Google’s services. The update has yet to come out for all the users, but we expect it to be fully out by the end of the day.