The trend of Wireless charging is growing day by day, These days people prefer Earphones, Headphones, Chargers, Keyboards which are Wire-free because wires sometimes give us a headache while carrying stuff and reduces the mobility for which Mobile things were made.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Wireless charger


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Though one of the latest Smartphone from Xiaomi, The Xiaomi Mi4 doesn’t have in-built wireless charging. Today was surfing through the Xiaomi Forums and found a way through which you can enable wireless charging on your Xiaomi Mi4, For some minutes I wasn’t able to believe what my Eyes were reading, but then had to believe it as it was posted by the moderator at MIUI forums.

Steps to Enable Wireless Charging on Xiaomi Mi4 ?

To follow up the steps there are material you would require to enable wireless charging on your Mi4 and without those materials you won’t be able to get wireless charging on your Xiaomi Mi4.

Things Required :

  • QI Wireless charging base – Price : $65
  • QI Standard charging coil placement – Price : $40
  • Iron + Solder wire rosin + Multimeter
  • A Screw driver which would work on Mi4
  • Last but not the least : The Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone.

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[alert-announce]Before beginning with the steps let me tell you that this is the Hard way of getting Wireless charging on Xiaomi Mi4, If you are someone who is not good with opening your smartphones or good with hardware stuff, then don’t try this, Do try this at a place where there is no or less disturbance or else you might end up losing the screws or any sort of disturbance might cause damage to your Smartphone.[/alert-announce]

Ready? The steps involve real interaction with the hardware, if any damage takes place while performing the steps Droidmen, nor the Author would be responsible. You will have to disassemble the device also, and in some worst cases you won’t be able to assemble it back.

Have no issues and ready to face the fear? Follow : Steps to Get Wireless Charging on Xiaomi Mi4

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