WhatsApp, the Instant Messenger giant already gave hints about the “Free Calling Feature” which would allow a WhatsApp user to make free calls to another WhatsApp User in the form of concepts and finally a user on reddit reported with the interface of the WhatsApp calling feature in which he displayed “Make a call screen” and “WhatsApp Call going on” screen.WhatsApp Calling Rolling Out According to the screenshots posted out, it can be said that the interface looks very simple and for the calling feature they’ve not modified the interface much, but have just added tab. On clicking the tab, you would be able to “Add Calls” or make calls, Just besides the call tab, there is a chat tab which shows the conversation which took place between you and your contacts.

It was reported that the user who uploaded the screenshot was not able to make calls successfully to another people because, the whatsapp calling interface has not arrived for all the Smartphone users yet.

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WhatsApp Calling Feature – Android Lollipop

The reddit user reported that the WhatsApp Calling Feature would not come to your Smartphone unless the update is available on the PlayStore. However, he also noticed that the WhatsApp Calling Feature APK was only working on the Android Lollipop Based Smartphones and not working on Android KitKat or previous versions.

[Get] How to Enable WhatsApp Calling Feature?

To avail the WhatsApp Calling feature you should have a Smartphone working on Android Lollipop OS and Download the WhatsApp APK Free Calling Feature  and install it on your Phone. It’s not known why the APK is only working on Android Lollipop and not other Android versions.

For now WhatsApp Calling is only working on the Android Lollipop Devices, But sooner or later it will support another Android versions also.

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Did WhatsApp Calling Feature come out because of HIKE launching its own Calling Service?

This world is full of competition, it was Viber, an Android App which enabled people to make free calls using Internet to the people who are connected on Viber. WhatsApp, on another hand being the most used instant messenger also gave us hints about it coming with the calling feature.

It was not any announcement but, it was what WhatsApp was planning to come with. Before few days it came with WhatsApp Web UI and now finally it is seen that WhatsApp Free Calling would soon come to the Smartphones.

Will WhatsApp Calling Beat – Viber? Hike? Facebook Messenger Calling?

This would be a question which can’t be answered at an ease, but according to Droidmen, WhatsApp would take over all the Android/iOS/Windows Apps which provides VOIP Services. It is because, like always it has been a Fast Instant messenger and it has the largest number of active users after Facebook. So, there are chances that it might take over the already existing Free Calling Messengers available. You can also drop a voicemail without ringing the phone.

Will WhatsApp Support Video Calling?

According to screenshot uploaded by the reddit user there is no sign of video calling, for now WhatsApp won’t support video calling. But in the coming years there is a chance that it might come up with free video calling service also.

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