WhatsApp Call Feature is Live Now – Get WhatsApp Call, Request an Invite!

WhatsApp Call is a new feature in WhatsApp which would allows users on WhatsApp to make calls on WhatsApp, Previously WhatsApp call feature was only available for Android Lollipop users and I posted a guide to “Enable whatsapp call” without having Android Lollipop installed. Soon that trick was patched by WhatsApp. But now all the worries aside, WhatsApp Call Feature is Live.

WhatsApp Calling Rolling Out

Is WhatsApp Call is Live? How do I get WhatsApp Call Feature?

WhatsApp Call is Live and all users using WhatsApp on their Android Smartphones can get it at an ease. Though the steps are easy but we know it’s not easy to do something without knowing the steps and all people aren’t techies, hence, I would be explaining the steps which would help you enable WhatsApp Call Feature.

Steps to Enable WhatsApp Call Feature [Easy][Without Root][Without Android Lollipop]

Things Required :

1.) Download the Latest WhatsApp Build (552)

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Download the latest Whatsapp build from the site linked above in the things required area, however, by downloading the latest whatsapp build I don’t mean updating the Whatsapp to the latest version. Download the WhatsApp 552 APK from the link posted above and once done store it inside your Phone.

2.) Install the Latest WhatsApp Build.

Once you’ve downloaded the latest Whatsapp build, install it, before installing do take the backup of the existing chats in your whatsapp in order to get back the chats after installing the latest version. In case you don’t want to take a backup then you can avoid taking it, but see to it that you don’t lose any important conversation you had on WhatsApp.

3.) Request for WhatsApp Call.

Well, Whatsapp is availing the WhatsApp call feature based on an invite based system. By invite based system I mean, that anyone who already has the calling feature in WhatsApp can only invite another user on WhatsApp for enabling WhatsApp calling.

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So in case you are having any friend/or someone you know who has calling feature enabled then you can ask them to give you a call on Whatsapp and the calling feature will get activated within few minutes.

In case you are not having someone who WhatsApp Calling Feature enabled then you can request WhatsApp Call Invite by commenting here or sending a message/tweeting on our Facebook Page or Twitter Page.

4.) Enjoy WhatsApp Calling

If you are knowing someone who already has the WhatsApp Feature Enabled then it would not take much time, in case you are not knowing and you are sending us a message then it might take sometime for us to send an invite.

That’s all folks! Happy WhatsApp Calling! Do Share it!

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