Productivity is something of a buzzword these days. Managers and employees alike describe it in an aspirational sense, as something they hope to achieve one day.

One of the top goals for almost every major company in the US is too boost employee productivity, and there are countless strategies aimed at achieving this. What is often overlooked is that productivity is a personal struggle.

So much more could be done is individual employees spend less time procrastinating or sitting in pointless meetings. This is where technology comes in.

There are now countless productivity apps which can help every type of employee, from factory workers to tech CEOs, improve their output. Here are the very best ones.

This brilliant little app earned its reputation as a one-size-fits-all approach to employee scheduling and reminders.

It’s one of the best types of productivity tracker out there and is seamless to use.

It can also be used by managers as an internal communication tool, allowing employees to be reached 24 hours a day, no matter where they are.


Simple, functional, practical. EverNote is one of those productivity tools that will quickly have you wondering what you ever did before it.

This free app is designed to help you organize your life and build a work schedule that truly works for you.

One of the best features is that it runs OCR on all of your photos so you can actually search for them using text. Pretty nifty huh?


This one is tailor-made for freelancers and small business owners. As the name suggests, it helps you keep track of every hour of your day and builds you a schedule to ensure you make the most of them.

It’ll help you manage your workflow from different clients using it integrated AI productivity software and help you track your progress on each project in real time.


This is not so much a productivity app as a kind of company message board, but the effects it’ll have on your workflow will be noticeable immediately. This simple, logical layout of this task-management software allows you to gamify your work.

You’ll be able to check off all of your tasks in the order you need to and set yourself challenges that will push you to get it all done in time.

It also has a handy message board system that’ll keep your colleagues updated on your progress.


If you’re looking for a productivity app that’ll save you lost time, Grammarly is the one for you. This is one of those apps for PC that streamlines your work by eliminating human error.

It’s a live grammar and spell checker that is way more sophisticated than those offered by Microsoft Office.

The time you will spend having to proofread work or have it sent back to you by angry editors will immediately take a nosedive once you start using this app.

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Productivity apps are just one example of how technology can improve our careers and our lives. To learn more about how software will boost your life, make sure to follow our Apps Section today.

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