In today’s day and age, we keep getting more and more dependent on our devices for various kinds of work. Be it for your professional work, for entertainment, or even for other tasks such as banking and voting, technology and gadgets have become a vital element of our daily life. In such times, it gets really frustrating when one notices that their battery is about to run out, and they are on the move. For all such problems, there’s one cure-all solution – BatteryBox Slim.

BatteryBox Slim

You will probably not believe us if we tell you that there is a device which can fully charge your laptop up to 1.5 times, your tablet by up to 2.5 times, and your phone by up to 11.5 times. However, BatteryBox Slim does exactly that!

Compatible with Android, MacBook, ChromeBook, Windows, iOS and most cameras, the BatteryBox Slim is a major innovation in the world of technology.  The BatteryBox Slim comes out as the gen-next version of the BatteryBox Mini, which was quite bulky in size when compared to this one.

To win a BatteryBox Slim for free, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the BatteryBox Slim offer page.
  2. Enter your e-mail address.
  3. You will now get a unique link that will be exclusive only to you.
  4. Share this link with the people you know, and stand a chance to win the BatteryBox.

This is indeed a major marketing strategy, as not only will this help the company spread awareness, but would also give them a list of people who might be interested in their upcoming products of a similar nature. Despite popular notions, emailers still work well in conversions to sales, and BatteryBox is indeed running a good promotional offer here!

The BatteryBox Slim bears all the looks of a gen-next device, and with the power that it comes packed with, it is totally worth buying.

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