Whether you own a tech business startup or a large IT company, extreme weather preparedness is key to mitigating potential disruptions to your business processes. Georgia regularly faces many types of natural disasters, including floods, severe storms, wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Preparing for the various hazards of inclement weather will significantly reduce the impact of such incidents on your employees, clients, and bottom line. Furthermore, keeping critical technology processes running in perfect condition throughout extreme conditions will allow you to handle eventualities such as power outages, flood damage, data loss, and many more.

Do not risk being underinsured

Do not risk being underinsured

Uninsured or underinsured tech businesses are less likely to survive catastrophic losses that extreme weather conditions may bring, as a large percentage of these companies do not have substantial financial assets to recover. While Georgia only mandates businesses to obtain worker’s compensation and commercial auto insurance, it is a smart decision for tech companies to obtain additional policies, including disaster-specific policies and extra expense insurance. These will ensure your physical assets and employees are covered during emergencies such as in weather crises. If you own a tech company in the Peach State, ensure that you get compensation insurance in Georgia for your business and workers.

Evaluate your physical infrastructure

Tech companies should make it a habit to perform a comprehensive inventory of their entire infrastructure so that physical and digital systems are safe and secure. For example, if your IT office is established in a place that previously suffered from flooding, you must reinforce the facility to prevent a recurrence. Additionally, pertinent software and data stored at these facilities should be prepared for migration to other data centers even before severe weather hits. Being a few steps forward will pay enormous dividends for your business in the long run.

Establish clear lines of communication

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From executives to field technicians, your entire workforce must be aware of their respective roles in your company’s disaster recovery plan. When every member of your organization knows their responsibilities ahead of time, you will have solid and clear communication channels ready to deploy during weather catastrophes. Outfitting mobile devices with company-specific communications programs will make your clients and employees feel safer and ensure problem resolution efficiently amidst bad weather conditions.

Protect your people

Formulate an emergency evacuation plan to ensure your workforce exits your facility safely. A disaster plan includes stocking up on food, water, first aid, and other essential supplies. It is important to rehearse your emergency evacuation plan at least once a year. In addition, you need to have an organization chart and appoint people in charge to ensure safety in times of disasters.

It is also imperative to determine where your staff can work if severe weather hinders them from reporting to your office. Create a protocol for remote work so that your employees have the necessary equipment and software to access the things they need to resume work remotely.


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No matter the size of your tech company, preparing for severe weather events is integral to mitigating risks, preventing injuries and severe property damage, and ensuring the continuity of your business.

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