Garmin, the popular manufacturer of smart wearables has recently launched Vivosport which is a smart activity tracker device with a heart rate sensor along with GPS built in India. This smart activity tracker offers a great number of features which are sure to benefit to people involved in both outdoor and indoor strength activities.

At the launch ceremony, the National Sales Manager of Garmin India, Ali Rizvi commented about the benefits of this smart activity tracker and said “The ‘Vivosport’ comes with many benefits for indoor and outdoor strength-activity. By all means, it is a perfect gadget for monitoring your health all the way and anytime.”

Benefits offered

Users can track their distance. Speed can be tracked. Amount of calories burnt can be checked. Users’ pace can be tracked. The number of steps can be calculated. The entire day’s stress level can be checked.


The Garmin Vivosport has a typical Garmin Chroma colored touch screen display which is further claimed by the company to offer amazing legibility even when sunlight falls on it directly. This smart activity tracker has an amazing water resistant feature rating of 5 ATM. It has a GPS built in allowing users for tracking the speed, distance and time. Users can also map out any route with the help of Garmin Connect which can be availed on the web as well as an app accessible to the smartphone users.

The activity tracker device can be also used for monitoring the variability of one’s heart rate, also known as (HRV). VO2 max, as well as fitness age, can also be monitored. In addition to this, the Garmin Connect enables the users to take up challenges, motivate the success of other users and also share such success stories on various social media platforms.

Garmin has been advertising the Vivosport to belong to the category of ‘smart’ fitness tracker, thereby coming up with some tricks right up to its sleeves. This smart tracker can be very well connected to a smartphone, thereby allowing users to receive messages, text, updates from social media, access to emails, music control and so on. Thus, it can be termed as a LiveTrack feature, letting people follow other users’ activities.

Garmin announced the battery life of this device to last for almost 7 days when in smartwatch mode and for 8 hours when the GPS mode is activated. Vivosport is available on Amazon India for Rs. 15,990. This device is said to be available in few of the selected retail stores all over the country in the upcoming days.

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