When you think “gaming machines”, you probably imagine sleek, powerful consoles that sit beneath your TV, whirring away as they render incredible worlds on your screen.

What you probably don’t imagine is the phone that’s sitting right there in your pocket. But mobile phones are the most popular gaming device across a huge swathe of markets! Forget the latest AAA blockbuster from Ubisoft, Pokemon Go and Candy Crush are the real gaming juggernauts.

There’s hardly a better choice for getting into the vast world of mobile gaming than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Let’s take a quick wander in the world of game boosters, game launchers, and maximizing battery life while you get your game on.

Using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Game Launcher

Using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Game Launcher

The Samsung Galaxy line of phones comes equipped with a game launcher feature that makes tracking and organizing your experiences easy. Let’s walk through activating it!

First, you need to head to the settings section of your phone. Then, head down to ‘advanced features’ and tap it. You should see an option for ‘game launcher’ next to an on/off switch. Simply flick it to on (it may already be on, in which case you don’t have to do anything).

You should then have a new ‘game launcher’ app in your app library. Boot it up, accept the various license agreements, and voila! Your own personal list of the great games you have on your phone.

And if that list feels a little thin, just head over to the Google Play store (or app repository of your choice) and get downloading some new ones.

Using the Game Booster

Using the Game Booster

The game booster is a key part of playing games on Samsung mobile devices. This nifty little app pops up whenever you boot a game from your game launcher and enables a versatile suite of functionalities.

For one thing, the game booster will learn your usage patterns as you game, diverting power and processing to the places you need it when you need it.

But even better, the game booster has stuff like Discord integration, meaning you can keep in touch with your gaming pals right there in the middle of the action. And it all happens automatically, whenever you launch a game!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

You can pick up a whole suite of gaming accessories to turn your phone into a one-stop gaming shop. Controllers, mounts, external batteries, and much more exist to let you squeeze every last drop of performance out of your phone.

Oh, and you’ll want to pick up something like this case. High-pressure gaming leads to sweaty hands: a recipe for dropping your device.

It’s All in the Game

It's All in the Game

Your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is a true portable powerhouse. Once you tap into the vast reserves of gaming power it has, you’ll never pick up a console controller again.

Just make sure to look both ways while crossing the road when you’re playing Pokemon Go, okay?

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