With numerous assignments for every subject, delivering quality work may seem impossible. However, thanks to the advancements in education technology, you can easily handle your tasks and familiarize with methods to tackle similar problems.  

Given the number of educational applications online, the question that remains is: What is the best app to help do my homework? To ensure that you avoid the struggle of picking from all the applications available, we sampled four apps that will make homework more manageable.

    o PhotoMath

Perhaps the most intuitive application for homework assistance is PhotoMath. By simply taking a photo of your question, the app engages AI (artificial intelligence) to interpret the problem and offer a solution.

Unlike its counterparts, this app provides a step by step solution for your problem thus ensuring you can handle questions of similar nature. Also, the app ensures that you get every mark for your answers as it provides detailed explanations, unlike some apps that only offer answers.

As a result, this ranks top of educational tools for children as it not only offers answers for various questions but also acquaints students with skills to go about similar issues. Whether you wish to go about tricky algebra questions or gruesome log functions, this free application proves to be of great benefit.

    o iTranslate

What most Android and iOS apps tend to miss is need for translation. To ensure that you have an easy time learning a second language and expressing yourself fluently, iTranslate proves to be the ideal app.

What makes this app stand out from typical homework apps for language, is the fact that it caters for more than ninety languages. Even better, the app provides audio solutions for translations thus enabling you to speak the language at a near-native level.

The application is also equipped with phrases and colloquialisms that spice up your conversation, therefore, letting you better your speech even more.

    o Socratic

Among the most revered applications in the education category, Socratic ranks top of the list. Apart from solving tough mathematical problems, this app handles history, English, science, and economic homework questions.

To ensure that it provides relevant answers the app uses artificial intelligence. As a result, the app offers detailed solutions to various problems, therefore, ensuring that you ace the tests and gain additional skills.

Due to its ease of use and school curriculum approach, this app has ranked the best in the academic category. Unlike other applications for solving homework questions, this infuses answers with graphs and video explainers, therefore, ensuring that you understand all aspects of a topic in question.

    o myHomework

When handling several assignments, keeping tabs on each can be a hard task; therefore, one may miss out on various deadlines. To ensure that you don’t find yourself in such a situation, myHomework keeps track of all assignments and their deadlines. As a result, you get to organize your time well, therefore, submitting every assignment in time.

In addition to the above, you may consider apps of the likes to do my math as they are designed to tackle math problems in detail. To avoid late assignments and prevent various missing steps that will be vital in other fields of classwork you can consult the above mentioned apps and see to it that you excel in your academics.

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