The latest version of the Android Nougat OS, the Android 7.1.2 OS update has been rolling out over the past few weeks. The update has reached a number of Google Pixel and Google Nexus smartphones, and has empowered the users to do more with their phones. The update makes small changes, but improves the overall aesthetics of the OS. However, a number of Nexus and Pixel users are reporting that following the update their fingerprint scanner is malfunctioning.

After updating their phone to the Android 7.1.2 OS, some Google Pixel and Nexus have been raising complaints on the product forums that their fingerprint scanner is not working. What is quite absurd about this problem is that while the fingerprint scanner is not allowing the users to unlock their phones or sign into the apps, they could still swipe down to access notifications.

Users have already tried removing their fingerprint from the settings and trying to configure the fingerprint scanner again but that too, does not seem to work. Users are not able to add new fingerprints to the phones. They are getting an error message stating “Enrolment was not completed” followed by “Fingerprint enrolment didn’t work, Try again or use a different finger’. The Android 7.1.2 OS update has affected the imprint sensors. However, considering that this is a software error, Google will be able to fix it with another update.

This error seems to be affecting users on the Pixel and the Pixel XL as well as the Google Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. As of now there is no official response or a fix from Google and users have to resort by manually entering the pin and passwords to enter apps or to unlock their screen. However, considering that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are Google’s high-priority devices we expect a fix to roll out very soon.